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    Default Re: Understanding the Modern Chypre

    Quote Originally Posted by leffleur View Post
    Agreed. What’s wrong with calling Lovely a floral? Smells like a musky-floral to me. :/

    I would also classify Lauren (a fave of mine too!) as a green floral, as I would No 19. RG is more aldehydic-floral than chypre to my nose.
    I guess I'm stuck on oak moss/moss, and unless the 'leather' is a defining characteristic- as in Azuree (which also has top bitter citrus note)- than I scoot it over into another category.

    Like, an-oud-girl, I'm still resentful of the pink/modern "chypres". Just come up with a new category- or label it according to literal smell.

    "Modern Chypre" has become a dump-all category. I even saw L'Artisan's Jour de Fete listed as a chypre somewhere!
    I think the category labels are following the nonsense trend of note labels- "celestial blue musk". Really people?
    I think you are right about No19 being a green floral. Ah I have been craving Lauren lately. And you are right about the oakmoss being a good definer of chypre.

    I am a leather hater and thankfully can't smell even a hint of it in Azuree- all I get is lovely green (much thanks to the lovely Kumquat for the Azuree and Aliage which I cannot get in Canada)
    Jour de Fete as a chypre? Oh noes. Not a chance.
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    Default Re: Understanding the Modern Chypre

    Quote Originally Posted by VM I hate civet View Post
    I refer again to Osmoz, where Lovely is indeed classed as a "floral woody musk", and RG an "aldehydic floral". The old Lauren I would also call a green floral, though it isn't listed on the site, possibly because it is discontinued now.
    Yep, I think the Osmoz classifications make the most sense. Although I think ii may have been there that I saw the JdF listed as chypre. Still, when I want to search a perfume by scent category, I check Osmoz first.

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    Default Re: Understanding the Modern Chypre

    I didn't know JdF was listed there as a chypre (bizarre!), but of course the Coco Mlle EDP and the Chance are.

    I would just agree that the classifications on Osmoz make sense to me more of the time than any other.
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