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    Default Identifying unboxed Ungaro 1/2 bottles

    I purchased an unboxed tester bottle of what I believe to be Ungaro 1 from a small perfumes Kiosk some time ago, and have recently been wondering if it is in fact Ungaro "1".

    The markings on the bottle as well as the sticker on the bottom are identical to my bottle of Ungaro 2 - with the only differences (aside from the scent) being the colour of the bottles. Both have a date of 1992, and both say made in France. I purchased it without the box or cap.

    The Basenotes directory shows a picture of Ungaro 1 with a yellow cap, and Ungaro 2 with a dark green-ish cap. The bottle of Ungaro 2 I purchased was not sealed, but came in the original box with a yellow cap. Can anyone confirm which one is which, or how to differentiate between the two?

    Both bottles held up to the light:

    Ungaro 1 (?)

    Ungaro 2

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    Default Re: Identifying unboxed Ungaro 1/2 bottles

    The bottle on the right is Ungaro I. This comes with a Green cap.
    The bluish bottle on the left is Ungaro II. This comes with a yellow cap.

    I hope this helps.

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