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    Default New women's scents

    I saw several bottles of new launches today: Marc Jacobs Lola, Paris Hilton Siren, Queen by Queen Latifah.

    Jessica Simpson's Fancy Love already has a thread...

    Any input on these?
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    Default Re: New women's scents

    Lola was okay -- musky peony to my nose (I washed it off after about 10 min as I was sampling other stuff at the time, so did not wait for the full dry down). Upon the initial sniff it more "grown up" compared to Daisy -- not as innocent/clean. But nothing to jump up and down about.

    Have not tried the rest.
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    Default Re: New women's scents

    Queen Latifah (spotted and tried at Belk's) is in a similar vein to the Halle Berry frag. Has fair amount of patchouli in it, but thin, non-medicinal. Sweetish fruity top.

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    Default Re: New women's scents

    My mom impulsively purchased Queen by Queen Latifah today at Dillards. I would call it a gourmand oriental ... sweet vanilla patchouli, softly spiced. I plan to borrow it and give it a test wearing soon. (I didn't care for the bottle, however. It looks sort of cute in the pictures, but IRL, it looked lightweight and cheapish. YMMV.)

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    Default Re: New women's scents

    I sniffed three fairly new women's launches today at Saks. First was A Scent by Issey Miyake, which was not bad to either me or my wife. That seems almost unisex to me. A nice fresh floral. Nifty clear bottle, too, and it matches the scent. My wife did like the body lotion. Second was the intense musc limited edition of Narciso Rodriguez. My wife liked that, but it wasn't my cup of tea. Nice floral, though. Third was that new Natori scent. I really liked that - my wife didn't. It struck me overall as being a bit like Gucci by Gucci EDP but less chypre and less intense. Supposedly it's been selling to a few men who like it. It struck me as more unisex than Black Orchid, but still feminine overall.

    I'm not that keen on the Halle Berry scent, so I'm kind of doubtful that I would like the Queen Latifah, if it's similar. Although gourmand oriental works for me, so we'll have to see. Did see the new(er) Antonio Banderas men's scent next to that, and I did like that one, especially at the price. Lighter than I expected, but surprisingly different for a standard men's scent at that price. I think it's been out for a while, but I simply hadn't seen it.

    Givenchy Play and Play Intense were getting big push at Macy's today. I've been waiting for the latter one. There's a substantial difference, so I felt the flanker was justified. Kind of different that they're both getting pushed at the same time (at least, compared to what I usually see around here). Play is definitely lighter with more fresh and citrus notes, whereas the Intense has less of those, more musk and vanilla and boozy notes - better longevity.

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    Default Re: New women's scents

    I'm really looking forward to trying the new Issey Miyake scent. As for the rest PLEASE lay off the patchouli!!! I caught a whiff of Lola on a scent strip in Vanity Fair and was inundated with patchouli.

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    Default Re: New women's scents

    Adored Marc Jacob's but wasn't too keen on Paris Hilton's. Queen Latifah's was just right.

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    Default Re: New women's scents

    I haven't tried any of these. I did give the Queen bottle a sniff at Macy's and it seemed nice if nothing unusual. The bottle is cute, but I think Queen Latifah deserves something a bit more luxe. Just my idea of her. I'll probably give it a testing at some point. Two new ones I want to try when they're available near me are YSL's Parisienne (Sophie Grosjman), which sounds like they've taken Kate Moss' Kate (which I love) and upgraded it; and Cacharel's Scarlett. I generally get along very well with Cacharel fragrances so I'll be looking forward to this one.

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