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    Well i do have a decent nose for colognes, but still very new to them. After a few buys I would help if you guys could help me with my next buys. Im 17 years old(but have a beard and look about 23), and going into college. Big and muscular (6'1 225 state champion powerlifter) if that helps. I sort of want a smell that is masculine, but also very sensual and girls want to bury their nose in it, if that makes any sense.

    Here are how I would rate my current colognes:

    1.Burberry London (love it,sexy and masculine, but really only great for cold days and those are limited in Texas)
    2.JPG Le Male (great, but gets old and a hint too sweet)
    3.Versache Dreamer (good scent, but mainly the dry down)
    4.Kenneth Cole Black (decent scent, wear it sometimes)
    5.Abercrombie colognes(smell good, but too mainstream)
    6.A-men (wayyyy too sweet, almost makes me sick after i wore it a few times)
    7.YSL Kouros(most like it, but way too "dad-ish" for me)

    I also have a few creed samples coming in(GIT,IM,SMW), but i would love a few more suggestions. Thanks

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    First off, welcome to Basenotes, and bravo to you MaChMa for including your detailed impressions of the scents you own - it's a great help in making intelligent suggestions, and it's surprising how few people do so!

    Here are a few things you might like to sample, given what you've enjoyed so far:

    Body Kouros (A woody oriental, as is London, but with a cool edge to it, thanks to a prominent licorice note. A definite "bury your nose in it" kind of scent.
    L'Anarchiste (Citrus, sweet spices, cedar, and musk. Youthful but neither vacuous nor commonplace.)
    Donna Karan Fuel for Men (The reissue is a really well-balanced fruit, spice, and leather composition.)
    Tuscany (Citrus fougère, a bit sweet, but not too sweet, with a nice casual feel to it.)
    Déclaration (Bright citrus over woods and light leather, with a "naughty," sexy edge to it. Great for sensuality in hot weather.)

    Happy hunting!
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    Canali Black Diamond.

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    I think you will enjoy the GIT sample, it may be what you are looking for. I also 2nd Vibert's suggestion of Tuscany.

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    You could give YSL Rive Gauche Pour Homme a blast. Sounds like it should fit your ticket. It appears to be a real "chick pleaser" as well as being robustly masculine.
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    try Gucci PH II

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    Welcome to Basenotes. It is funny, when i finished reading what you wanted, "...bury their nose in it..." The first thing that came to my mind was Versace-The Dreamer (goodness it is just "all that"). I then noticed you already own this. My second thought was Kouros (which drives me wild, i just adore it.) but i saw you own that one also.
    So i guess you already own the two scents which would be "nose burying, cuddling" for me.
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    Masculine and sensual - that's Chanel Egoiste. My husband wears it and I still love him very much, so you see...

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