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    Default Antaeus Sport by Chanel


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    Default Re: Antaeus Sport by Chanel

    And if people think Antaeus Sport Cologne is a joke, here's a real advertisement for the stuff's introduction from New York Magazine dated 1985.

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    Default Re: Antaeus Sport by Chanel

    Thank you so much for the oldies update that happened a long time ago! Glad to see the original No. 31 ans No.27 on the directory as well as others.

    Can we please add to the list some oldies that were featured on chanel documentaries a while back?
    here are the names:
    (discontinued of course: all for women)

    Chanel Jasmin 1922
    Chanel Rose 1923
    Chanel Ambre 1923
    Chanel Chypre 1925


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