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    Default Best uses for perfume

    Hi all,

    I’m looking for your ideas and experience. I’m about to be the happy possessor of a small amount of Chanel No 19 pure perfume (modern, not vintage). I am already savoring EDP and EDT.

    Any ideas—other than wearing (of course) and comparing the three “incarnations” of the scent—about creative scenting that will make great use of these concentrations, and/or be good ways to put more 19 into my daily existence? I have scented a bit of unscented body wash and lotion (imperfect, but affordable); these were made for scenting with essential oils, and they seem to be carrying the fragrance pretty well, just from the EDP.

    My elegant (and spendy) grandmother, of course, would have had a range of products, but if these are even made, I think they’re prohibitively expensive now. So what else is a “do it yourself?” I know that she had sachets in her lingerie drawer; anyone know a great way (better than a cotton ball with scent) to do this myself?

    Anyway, all suggestions welcome!


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    Default Re: Best uses for perfume

    The cottonball idea seems pretty good to me I suppose if you want something more romantic, you can spray onto an old-timey greeting card or postcard and put that in the drawer.

    In another thread, somebody recommended putting a couple squirts of EDT into some unscented body lotion, although I think they still make No.19 lotion.

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    Default Re: Best uses for perfume

    There are some fun ideas for scenting one's car in this thread:

    So many of us spend a considerable amount of time in our cars!

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