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Thread: Shiseido Basala

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    Default Shiseido Basala

    Anything similar in the market??? I cant believe I gave away a full decant when I had it.
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    Default Re: Shiseido Basala

    Carlos Santana for men

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    Default Re: Shiseido Basala

    I haven't come across anything similar to it. You might be able to get a scent close to it by layering a green chypre with Harrisa by CdG, but that sounds like a more expensive alternative.

    Your best bet is buying a bottle on Ebay or spending the time trying to locate one.
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    Default Re: Shiseido Basala

    nothing i have tried is close .. Basala is unique
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    Default Re: Shiseido Basala

    Would if suit younger people? because the bottle looks too old fashioned..
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    Default Re: Shiseido Basala

    Quote Originally Posted by Dimitrios View Post
    nothing i have tried is close .. Basala is unique
    Most definitely - fantastic stuff!
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    Default Re: Shiseido Basala

    Basala is good to go for sure. Try xmen for minis. His deal is a good one.

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    Default Re: Shiseido Basala

    I found Xeryus Rouge kinda similar to Basala.

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    Default Re: Shiseido Basala

    Minis here also:

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    Default Re: Shiseido Basala

    You can large sizes available at

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    Default Re: Shiseido Basala

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    You can large sizes available at advertises a lot of frags claiming they are in stock to stay on top of google search results but when you add them to a cart, it turns out they are out of stock.

    Basala is not available there.

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    Default Re: Shiseido Basala

    i wore basala today for the first immediately reminded me of xeryus rouge which i also have..after a moment it reminded me of angel b men as well...fortunately both can be have for quite cheap

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    Default Re: Shiseido Basala

    I don't find Xeryus Rouge or B Men capture the dryness and naturalness of Basala -- they are sweet and synthetic, totally missing the chypre skeleton and gorgeous sandalwood etc etc.

    The only one I've found that's in the same zone is Jaguar Mark II, not surprisingly as it's by the same perfumer a couple years later. That's probably not much help since if anything it's even more rare and expensive.

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