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    Default Re: S o t D Thursday 20 August

    Beyond Paradise - Estee Lauder

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    Default Re: S o t D Thursday 20 August

    Dora- glad everything is Ok ! I wish you very well !

    This evening, I washed off Poison- I do get tired of it after a while but boy ! this stuff is still stuck on me ( like I knew it would be ! ) However, I have applied Shalimar now. All is well !
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    Default Re: S o t D Thursday 20 August

    Warm Vanilla Sugar
    Autumn treasures: Magnetism, Midnight Orchid, Tea for Two,
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    Default Re: S o t D Thursday 20 August

    Wall Street by Bond No.9

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    Default Re: S o t D Thursday 20 August

    Ubu-How frightening, happy to know you are fine.

    ((((Twolf)))) i am so sorry for your loss, tonight was having one of those loving moments with mine, just reading your post made me appreciate her more, i really do not give her enough belly rubs and she does love them so (she is 11 years old)

    Zibeline- i am glad you were not seriously hurt, slips and falls are so horrible, my knees still have battle-scars of a few too many slips.

    (((Dora))) still thinking of you.

    Chaya, J is correct, you have a joie de vivre that is infectious, always keep that.

    Today i wore Eau de Verveine by Guerlain again, it was still pretty hot here.
    Tonight i am in Iles d'Or by Molinard, the older version, i do adore the warmth and vanille in this one. Truly an exquisite scent, like my version much better than the others, especially the one with the pear atomizer in the fancy bottle (1849 EdP collection), which was too much syrupy fruits and candy.

    Hugs for all this fine night, sleep peacefully
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    Default Re: S o t D Thursday 20 August

    Hi again,

    Today's SOTE has been a test of Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic.

    At some point, I really need to find an Aqua Allegoria that I love, because I really want one of those gorgeous bottles. Sadly, this isn't it for me.

    This kicks off with that cassis/apple combo that I'm now coming to think of as the stereotypical fruity floral top. Of course, there's mandarin in there, too, so the end result is sort of a juicy apple/strawberry/orange fruit salad, but sweeter than the real thing would be. There's a wet greenness also present, which could be the basil, but it comes off a bit more like lily.

    This is actually quite a nice fruity, happy, girly, warm-weather scent, but it's not really my thing. Oh well, a boy can dream - maybe Guerlain will put out a vetiver/cedar Aqua Allegoria soon! (I don't think I should hold my breath, though...)
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    Default Re: S o t D Thursday 20 August

    Spring Flower again
    Diva is fartin in your perfume mist before you walk through it!! Walk slow and let it marinate......

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