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    Default Anyone experienced with Oudhasi oud line?

    Hi all, I'd like to ask if anyone has experience with the Oudhasi line of ouds. Their assam flora looks interesting to me. Heck, they all look interesting. I'm thinking I'd like to order a number of their samples and compare them with what little I know at this point.......I have Oriscent archipelago, and some of the Ham Firl double super kalimantan, as well as Al Haramain oudh shuyookhi. I have to say I'm new to the oud experience, but find the scent to be heaven on earth. (If only it didn't cost so much!) Anyway, thanks for your help; you guys are so knowledgeable that it's humbling. PS I do tend towards an oud that has a bit of a floral scent, but also somewhat spicy and rich, as well as woody, & if there's an initial fecal note thats ok too.

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    Default Re: Anyone experienced with Oudhasi oud line?

    Head over to the Oud Social Group for megatons of info on oud and other traditional/natural perfume substances. Bluemoon tried Oudhasi's oils and shared her impressions HERE.

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    Default Re: Anyone experienced with Oudhasi oud line?

    Thank You very much!

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