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    Default Dunhill Blend 30

    I recently purchased this large (around 80% full) bottle of Dunhill Blend 30 'aftershave tonic' on ebay for the princely sum of less than 1. I wouldn't normally buy aftershaves, but I'm a big fan of the older Dunhill scents, and thought this would make a nice curiosity / collectible.

    I'm happy with the purchase - the fragrance does not appear to have noticeably degraded, and is entirely consistent with a miniature bottle of Blend 30 EdT that I bought a little while ago.

    However, what did surprise me was how dark green in appearance the liquid is - you can see from the (clear) atomiser into which I decanted the first portion of it. Can anyone who used this back in the day confirm that it was always so dark in appearance, or could this be a symptom of aging?

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    Default Re: Dunhill Blend 30

    I have obtained three bottles of Blend 30 over the last 12 months, and all of them are the same colour as yours. Considering the age of the fragrance itself, it would not surprise me to learn that it was once slightly lighter. As you have found out, it can be bought quite cheaply on e-bay, although there was one for sale recently at 150 for a bottle containing 20ml.

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    Default Re: Dunhill Blend 30

    Thanks Inselaffe! I'm now on the look out for a decent sized bottle of the EdT, although this 'aftershave tonic' seems to be fairly potent stuff...

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    Default Re: Dunhill Blend 30

    Looks like I will have some competition buying this stuff on e-bay now

    Good luck with your search

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    Default Re: Dunhill Blend 30


    Dunhill Blend 30 is still my lifetime favourite to date.

    The colour of your juice is just about as i remember it.

    Great purchase. Enjoy!
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    Default Re: Dunhill Blend 30

    You are the luckiest man on the planet! This is great stuff and that is the color I remember it being. The dark glass probably helped protect the juice. I had forgotten that they called it aftershave tonic. Enjoy!

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    Default Re: Dunhill Blend 30

    Thanks guys!

    Here's an article that Blend 30 fans may find interesting:,1144311
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    Default Re: Dunhill Blend 30

    Thanks for that article--VERY interesting.

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    Default Re: Dunhill Blend 30


    Didn;t know about this one...annother adition to the "test list"

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    Default Re: Dunhill Blend 30

    I love this fragrance. I had a 5ml miniature but it fell apart a month ago. Luckily It fell apart on a belt of mine, and i can still sample it today

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    Default Re: Dunhill Blend 30

    Does anyone want to sell their bottle of Dunhill Blend 30....

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