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    Default The Dangers of Burning Candles Indoors (Article)

    Just read this on this morning:

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    Default Re: The Dangers of Burning Candles Indoors (Article) has an article about perfumed candles causing cancer.
    Indoor pollution ,cancer - yikes ! What next !
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    Default Re: The Dangers of Burning Candles Indoors (Article)

    There's a more recent study than the one mentioned by Helg in her article. It was presented by the authors, R. Massoudi and Amid Hamidi, Wednesday, August 19, at the American Chemical Society's national meeting in Washington, D.C. I can't seem to find the actual report, or even a summary written by the authors, anywhere online. Maybe someone with better research skills can locate it.
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    Default Re: The Dangers of Burning Candles Indoors (Article)

    I found this:

    ENVR 86
    Emission products of petroleum-based candles
    Ruhullah Massoudi, and Amid Hamidi,, Department of Biological and Physical Sciences, South Carolina State University, 300 College Street NE, Orangeburg, SC 29117
    This brief reports the summary of our investigation of the emission products concerning paraffin wax compositions obtained from different candle manufacturers. The composition of emission products were identified by a Perkin-Elmer TurboMass GC/MS system equipped with a NIST Library of compounds. The experiment was carried out by burning the candles in a chamber (8 x 8 x 26) connected to a pump on the top, where the mixture of gases passed through an ampoule containing activated coconut charcoal at 0.20 L/min. Normal burning patterns were constantly monitored. After five to six hours of burning, the contents of the ampoule were transferred into spectroscopic grade of carbon disulfide to dissolve adsorbed materials then injected in the GC/MS to be analyzed. Paraffin-based candles produced clear sharp peaks for presence of many products such as toluene, alkanes, alkenes, as well as some ketones and aldeydes. Results proved largely reproducible.
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    Default Re: The Dangers of Burning Candles Indoors (Article)

    ^ So is that bad?

    I noticed it said "paraffin" candles, is this the kind of candles made by the good companies? I know they make them out of different types of waxes, anyone know which are safer than others?

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    Smile Re: The Dangers of Burning Candles Indoors (Article)

    Looks like I will be buying the soy based candles. Thanks for the article and information. I always worry about fire too.

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