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    Just received my Profumum Fumidus decant, testing on hairy left arm. What a beautiful example of perfume as art. I was initially repulsed, trying to decide why this would be proffered as a perfume to be worn on the body. The initial blast of birch tar was an oil painting completed, but propped in the corner waiting to dry. The smell of an artist awake until the final stroke was applied.

    I don't get the smoke, but I get the effort. This is a perfume that captures a moment. Having spent innumerable hours in an artist's studio, I get no warm outdoorsy notes, but straight up painting. Maybe the woody scented breeze through an open studio window. Like spending an afternoon with Picasso. The perfect fragrance for a day at the art museum. I shall have an entire bottle for that purpose alone.

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    Now I am transported back to my college days when the student painting studios were in an old church with hardwood floors and rotting foundation. And the residue of 100 years of incense--and a few beautiful models on the platform that was once the pulpit. Newly sawed boards to replace the holes in the floor. I am falling in love with this.

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    Excellent description & thoughts. What I really love this one for is the deep, earthy vetiver in the dry-down. I found Fumidus to be an extremely potent fragrance that takes a while to warm up to - but as its complexity unravels it's truly a bold fragrance.

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    If I am not mistaken, isn't this the same fragrance that scentemental mentioned (in one of his posts in another thread) smelled exactly like some vintage Vetiver oil?

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    Transcendental scent, isn't it?

    Unfortunately for me though, I fell out of love just as fast as I had fallen in love with it -- don't get me wrong, I still like it and have a decant, but not a Full Bottle purchase for me anymore. That's probably because whiskey, sooty, campfirey and birch tar accords don't excite me anymore as much as they used to, and not a huge fan of vetiver anymore either.

    I'll tell you a Profumum I'm totally digging though -- it's Thundra. Sample it if you haven't already

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