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    Default Re: SLEEPER HITs we should check out...

    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Moon View Post
    MPal Zileri Sartoriale - as good as Guci PH with a better opening.
    I love this stuff and I think Dimitrios does too. EDIT oops he did post about it above! ^^

    However, my opinion is that it smells more like Gucci Envy for Men. Maybe Envy and Gucci pour Homme together?
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    Default Re: SLEEPER HITs we should check out...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lian View Post
    Kenzo Jungle Elephant

    It's insane, it's weird but wearable and addicting yet you hardly hear much about it.
    When I wear this my female African colleagues go crazy. They just love it! And so do I although I have no idea what it smells like on another. It's so out there (or should I say down there?) it's scary. Very linear, but packing a huge punch. Good stuff.

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    Default Re: SLEEPER HITs we should check out...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mudassir View Post
    I just tried Ma Liberte EDT this morning after reading your post. Resemblance to Patou PH? Perhaps you are referring to EDP as I don't get it from EDT?
    I've never tried the EdT but find similarities between PPH and Ma Liberte EdP in style and feel. Maybe it's the Kerleo's composition style, his way of blending the notes..who knows.. both share certain elements,...I just smelled the caps of both and it's clearly there IMO - like when you find similarities between E. Roudnitska it a signature final touch..I don't know...
    Anyways, Ma Liberte is sweeter, simpler and less herbal than PPH and I def. recommend to check this one out if one likes smooth high quality orientals.

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    Smile Re: SLEEPER HITs we should check out...

    Just received a bottle of Carrera Pour Homme - GREAT stuff! It reminds me of Bois 1920 Classic. However, Carrera has a lot more sillage and longevity (sort of a Bois 1920 Classic Extreme). I highly recommend Carrera!
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