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    It looks like I'm on my way to a small collection of colognes. Thanks to all the basenote folks who took the time to write reviews for all of us to use. I found them very useful.

    After my initial purchase of Dunhill For Men on a recent trip to NY I followed with seveal other classic scents that I tried at various stores. I now own ten bottles and about fifteen sample vials for further review. I have totally been taken with the older classic scents. Some that I'm old enough to have worn at there initial release but never did. My wife is just shaking her head.

    Azzaro pour Homme (1978)

    Dunhill for Men (1934)

    Everlast Original 1910 (2006)

    Halston 1-12 (1976)

    Halston Z-14 (1976)

    Lagerfeld Classic (1978)

    Old Spice (1937)

    Paco Rabanne pour Homme (1973)

    Cartier Santos (1981)

    Tsar (1989)
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    Default Re: older selections

    Welcome and congratulations!

    Many of the "older selections" are classics, and never go out of style IMO.
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    Default Re: older selections

    I commend you for you're admiration of the classics. wear them in good health my friend

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    Default Re: older selections

    Quote Originally Posted by petruccijc View Post
    Welcome and congratulations!

    Many of the "older selections" are classics, and never go out of style IMO.

    Agreed, Again...

    And Welcome DarwinHoel, you will enjoy BN!!

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    Default Re: older selections

    Great stuff you've gotten so far. Here are a few more great oldies to try if you have not already:

    Vetiver by Guerlian (1961)
    Habit Rouge by Guerlian (1965)
    Caron Pour Un Homme by Caron (1934)
    Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene (1976)

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    Default Re: older selections

    Vetiver by Guerlian (1961) is on the short list. I'll add the others to the try list. Thanks for the input.

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    Default Re: older selections

    I'll give Grey Flannel another point, I'm 23, but I don't find grey flannel to be exclusively for the oldies, It's a classic imho.
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    I adore vintage scent! Think of the lives lived, the experiences had...and YOU get to enjoy THE SAME SCENT! Take your Dunhill for Men, for example...and imagine THAT fragrance filling a tension-filled meeting of men planning war strategy...Scent is so evocative, and using older fragrances provides a uniquely visceral connection with history....

    Yes, I am a nerd. Why do you ask? LOL

    I especially love when young people put on the classics. I don't understand the fear of "smelling old..." a young person is not going to spontaneously age if they wear a vintage scent! In fact, I think the contrast of a sophisticated scent with a youthful wearer is a very attractive and intriguing thing!

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    Default Re: older selections

    I've only had experience with Azzaro, Paco, Santos and Tsar. IMO all great frags that are worth to have in any wardrobe. In an age where 8 out of 10 men wear the latest generic designer releases, anyone of those frags will stand out. Old smelling? Maybe...unique...most definitely. Not only will the classics make heads turn, young ladies will be curious about the sillage they just smelled and mature ladies will be hit by nostalgia. That's the power of the classics.
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    Default Re: older selections

    Welcome ! I love the Dunhill and Santos ! I second DocmanCC's selection too.
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    Default Re: older selections

    Dunhill is probably your best selection thus far. I suggest you try some other classics like Eau Sauvage, Floris no. 89, maybe even Jicky.

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    Default Re: older selections

    The Dunhill is also my favorite selection so far too. I'll give your suggestions a sniff. Thank You!

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    Default Re: older selections

    excellent collection there ! congratulations!

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