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    Have you ever noticed that after wearing a scent for a while, even if not on consecutive days, you begin to lose the ability to detect some of its notes? I decided to try a little experiment by inverting my bottle gently a few times to mix it up before I sprayed it on myself. Each time I've done this I've noticed two things:

    1) I detect more of the notes in the fragrance than I normally would if I had not shaken my bottle. Little subtleties in the fragrance begin to come out giving a fuller representation of the entire composition of the fragrance.

    2) The sillage and longevity both seem to decline. The fragrance doesn't project as much as I'm use to, nor does it seem to stick around as long.

    Any thoughts on this? Has anyone experienced something similar??

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    About the strength of the scent seeming to's probably the much-discussed olfactory fatigue. Your nose just gets used to it. Trust me, other people can still smell it like you could at first.

    About shaking...I don't know. I can't image that perfume ingredients settle much in the bottle. Could be an olfactory placebo effect that causes you to detect more notes. Or not. Maybe I will try it.
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    The tube that runs from the nozzle goes to the bottom of the bottle. If the ingredients tend to settle I suppose I could expect to smell more of the denser stuff.

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