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    Default Christian Audigier EDP for women: a review

    When I first looked at the bottle, I pondered the crown that is the cap. Many perfume companies like to point to presumed noble or royal origins with aristocratic patrons or founders. Sometimes the royal/noble origins are true. Otherwise, it's all hype to romance us into forking out the cash. OK--we don't have to name names...

    The crown/coronet cap reminded me of Vera Wang Princess perfumes with the faux diamonds/crystals encircling the band of a princess coronet. The "CA" cipher is very pretty and recalls the cipher for the Crown Perfumery bottles that are now used for Clive Christian.

    The official notes: top notes of blackberry, pomegranate and tangerine; middle notes of coconut, magnolia and orchid; and a base of Indonesian sandalwood, amber and woods.

    Now for the juice: on me, what started out as an oriental mellowed into middle notes of fruit/floral, settling down to a light woody scent.

    The launch also has a men's scent in an identical bottle, an EDT, only using blue glass. I did not try this as I was sampling the women's scent, but a cursory sniff on the fingertips reminded me of a citrusy scent with vetiver. It's official notes are exotic fruits, rum and leather. I will have to return and try when my olfactory system is fresh. The crown caps are different, BTW, for the women's and the men's bottles.

    I bought a small bottle.

    Not really original but pleasant and wearable. Sillage and longevity are average, at least on my skin.

    Both scents come in the 3.4 and 1.7 oz sizes.
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