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    Default Lost by carrier? Say what?

    I ordered a bottle of Miel de Bois (SL) from I've been monitoring the status of the order since I paid for it, and it is now showing as 'lost by carrier'. WTF? I've written to customer services to ask them what happens in a situation like this, because I've paid for a perfume that hasn't been delivered. This, presumably, is the fault of the Royal Mail. Anyone else had dealings with situations like this? I'm most frustrated, I wanted a new bottle to decant for my up-coming holiday.

    And while I'm here...GRRR!!

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    Default Re: Lost by carrier? Say what?

    It depends who they used as a carrier and how they sent it. With Royal Mail, I'd be surprised if they could tell if it was lost or not. You can only track Royal Mail stuff if it sent recorded delivery or special deliver. For recorded deliveyr all the website will tell you is whether it's been delivered or whether it hasn't. I haven't used SD so I'm not sure how much more detail that gives you.

    I have had two recent problems with things I sent getting lost in the post. Both were caused by backlogs because of the postal strikes, and both turned up eventually. Could this be the problem with yours - how long ago was the package sent?

    I would ask them who the carrier was, and also ask for the tracking number so you can check online.

    If it was Royal Mail, they have a set number of days before they will consider an item "lost". For Recorded Delivery this is 15 working days (ie Mon-Fri) after the item should have been delivered. So in practice, the best part of a month. For SD it's a little shorter. The maximum they will pay in compensation for SD packages is £39. I think your best route is to get the tracking information and follow it up yourself, and ask the retailer for a full refund if it looks like it's not going to arrive. They can then claim from Royal Mail for the wholesale price. Hopefully though, it's just a case of a glitch on the retailer's tracking website. I hope it turns up soon for you.

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    Default Re: Lost by carrier? Say what?

    I contacted them, and you know what they said? They'd 'clicked the wrong button' on their system and the item was definitely on the way and would be with me soon. How to give your customer a heart attack eh? I've got a card through the door today from the Post Office, it's sitting at the depot awaiting collection now. Phew!

    Aside from their clicking error, their communication has been very prompt, and it would appear their delivery was too in the end. Good prices.
    "I don't know the key to success,
    but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."
    Bill Cosby

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    Default Re: Lost by carrier? Say what?

    Oh yay! Your first post had me feeling anxiety neurosis for you!!

    Glad it's on it's way (and glad there is someone who can wear Miel de Bois )
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    Default Re: Lost by carrier? Say what?

    A story with a happy ending!!

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    Default Re: Lost by carrier? Say what?

    I love, MdB.
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