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    Default Amouage gold ladies perfume and vintage gold cristal line.

    hello evry one and specially the amouage lovers here

    Has anybody tried the perfume extrait of amouage gold ladies?
    and if the answer is yess, can u pleasde discribe how u expirienced it?

    I know there was a vintage one as well in crystal bottle.

    I also have discoverd that GOLD MEN the one we know has been changed several times.
    the very first one, was named Cristal Gentelman's clogne.

    Cristal Gentelman's clogne , this was darker than
    Amouage Gold for men edt in the beautifull bottle . This one was more of aldehyde scent and it
    has a sharp and agressive edge i a way.

    The one that is sold now is the edp and it is even lighter than the first and second one and it is now EDP
    witch is true because the concentration of the current one is even heavier than most niche and designer EDP's

    I have all 3 , this is why i can tell the differences.
    so it is funny how it goes from edc, to edt to edp and each time it losses some coentration while accorign to labeling it gets more concentratin each time
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