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    What is it that makes musk smell like classic musk? IE Keihl's original Musk? Is is an accord of all sorts of smells that makes that smell that I know as "musk" or is it really just musk? The reason I ask is because the musks I have just don't smell like anything really, and hardly impart any sort of smell other than a clean laundry nuance. I have muscenone (can't smell it), Musc R1, and Cosmone.

    I'm not trying to create a Kieh's Original musk, I'm just trying to learn about musks.

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    Usualy several musk compounds are combined. Not only to improve the fragrance but to make sure that someone who is anosmic to one musk will still smell it as musk.

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    You need to add other stuff to make the musks "fly". I'm not sure what to use. A lot of scents labelled musk are aldehydic and floral as well as musky. Kiehl's musk has other animal notes in it. Maybe civet and castoreum.

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    Interesting article on musk here:

    Musk Series 1-A Cultural Perception of Musk

    give me animalic over laundry any day
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    Great article, thanks for sharing! I was about to join the thread, but that article explains everything a hundred times better than I ever could.

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