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    Thumbs up S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    :bounce::wave:Hello everybody, have all a very happy day, full of perfumes and joy !!!!!!:bounce::wave:
    For me today is the beautiful

    Jeanne - Marie Faugier's

    Frapin & Cie

    Grapefruit, Neroli, Cumin
    Incense, Cinnamon, Orange Blossom, Nutmeg, Myrrhe
    Absolute of Benjoin, Amyris, Vanilla, Tobacco
    Have I told you about the scent of jasmine? Have I spoken about the smell of the sea? The earth is scented. And I perfume myself to enhance what I am. That's why I can not wear a perfume that bothers me. Perfuming is an instinctive wisdom. And like all art, it requires some knowledge of yourself..."
    Clarice Lispector ( 1920-1977) - Perfumes da Terra / Earth
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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Daim Blond (Serge Lutens)

    Have to wear it now, before I become to old for it.
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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Happy Birthday to Shannon (shades) and Teddy (Indie_Guy) and many fragrant discoveries!

    Wearing Miller Harris Terre d'Iris.

    My fingers are sore -- spent about 3 hours yesterday repairing (OK, trying to!) a hand-made quilt for one of the older ladies, and the work is not even 1/4 done. Loved every minute of it though.
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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    My SOTD is Caron Pour un Homme.

    Top notes: Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot, Lemon
    Middle notes: Clary Sage, Rose, Rosewood, Cedarwood
    Base notes: Vanilla, Tonka, Moss, Musk

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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Samsara EDP - Infinitely better than the EDT and the Parfum.
    The Candy Perfume Boy:One boy's obsession with perfume and all things smelly.

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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Good morning all and greetings and wishes of a spectacular day for Shades and Indie_Guy!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Today I was in the mood for a lush floral,so Fracas it is Need some extra ooompf to be able to face the really bad weather outside today! Tonight I hardly slept due to a storm outside :O Anyhow,have a great day all!

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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    ORGANZA by Givenchy

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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Happy birthday, Shades and Indie_Guy!

    Wishing you a glorious day and year!

    Am in Youth Dew Amber Nude today. It's terrific for this bright, brisk, early autumn weather.
    This week, 'Chanel Cuir de Russie: Skin Scent' at

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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Happy Birthday, Shades and Indie_Guy!

    SOTD is going to be AL Hong Kong Garden (after I go to bed, get up, and then shower, that is). Good morning, good night, take care, and enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

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    I smell something

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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Happy birthday, Shades! My SOTD is one I know you love: Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque.

    And happy birthday to IndieGuy!

    Have a great day, everyone!
    "I felt something so intense, I could only express it in a perfume." - Jacques Guerlain

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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Happy birthday Shadesofbleu and Indy_Guy

    I'm in L'Air du Desert Marocain

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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Happy birthday, shadesofbleu and Indy Guy!

    Noir de Noir - Tom Ford

    Have a lovely day!

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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Caribou, Shades, Indie Guy ! Happiest Birthdays !

    What lovely-scented folk today, per usual.

    Very busy trying NOT to take the Cosmos personally ;-)
    This is a REAL HUMDINGER, folks !

    J is OK, but - unlike with our eldest- we've had late - nightly calls [some happy, some sad] .

    I've been craving AL Ambra Tibet- day # 2 for me.
    This stuff lingers forever, and is so comforting.

    Love to all-
    Hope our bereaved and ailing find peace and healing.
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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Happy Birthday to Shades and Indie_Guy! Hope the day is full of wonderful smells and friends!

    A chilly morning as the seasons begin to change on us in New England and that puts me in an amber mood.

    Neil Morris Burnt Amber

    When it comes to Neil Morris' fragrances I am a big fan. I find that most of his creations work on me and Burnt Amber, created in 2008, is no exception. Burnt Amber has many of the hallmarks of what I enjoy when wearing one of Mr Morris' scents, it has a complexity and density that is far above most of what is available out there. Which is why wearing one of his scents is the equivalent of watching "Lost" on TV. I get everything necessary to enjoy the show on the first viewing, but I always watch each episode twice. Because I get new insights and pleasures when I can take my eyes off of the central action to notice the things happening in the background. Burnt Amber is the same for me. The first time I wore it, being the fan of the central note and the composer that I am, I liked it a lot. Upon further wearing the nuances became more apparent to me and make this one of my favorites from Mr. Morris. The top starts with an interesting mix of plum and pepper. This gives a pleasant sweet and spicy contrast to the start of this. These notes are joined by the promised smoky amber in the title. A very warm amber appears sheathed in a woodsmoke halo. The first time around that was what I noticed most, as it is the heart of this scent. On subsequent wearings I realized that the plum note in particular persists and that adds a dark sweetness to the amber and enhances the sweet aspects of the woodsmoke. The base is a mix of oud and oak over an animalic castoreuem. This is a strong finish, appropriate to the building intensity leading here. Oak adds a hefty, woody strength that is contrasted with the complexity that oud brings. Along with the castoreum this gives the base a depth; and again the addition of the plum, which is still present and accounted for, accentuates the sweeter aspects of all three notes in the base. According to Mr. Morris' website it was this addition of the plum note that was one of the last things added to Burnt Amber and the importance it plays throughout the development of Burnt Amber makes me wonder if this would have been half as good without it. Burnt Amber has incredible longevity and above average sillage. Once again I turn to one of Mr. Morris' fragrances and am amply rewarded for the experience.

    Have a Trenchant Thursday everyone.

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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Oooh, and after yesterday's hilarious-sexy Full Choke bottle, today we have moved on to scary-sexy Sebastien Chabal ( ). I think he's glorious, but he's more a Yatagan guy, wouldn't you say? Or is that the point - some good old artistic juxtaposition? Whatever, I think it's great to see him on an advert. How long must they have spent grooming his hair? (And I bet he loved every minute.)

    Happy birthday Shades and IndieGuy. Hope you have a wonderful day and that you get lots of fragrant prezzies. :birthday: :birthday:

    I am still unscented. *gasp!* But this is a SOTD thread! Well hang on...
    OK, now I smell of Possets' Ghost Fart. It's kind of marzipanny and maybe a touch minty or somehow cool. Hmm. It's growing on me. I didn't like this when I tried it in the winter, but on a hot day like today it's pretty good. Ha!
    Don't you love it when you find a dud you'd written off and it turns into a ta-dah!

    Hope you all have a good day. Today Small got Smarties for being a good girl in class. (I am using the 'blatant bribery' method of behavioural training and it's working so far.) Maybe she'll make it through the first term in Kindergarten yet...

    Hugs hugs hugs - Friday tomorrow. Nearly at the weekend. Need it this week!
    "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future." Coco Chanel

    I'm streamlining my collection
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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Smoke and mirror time: Tabarome Millesime today.

    : Happy Birthday Carabou, Shadesofbleu, Indie!! :birthdays
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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Hi SMM! Thank you so much for your kind words about Burnt Amber! It is a good choice on this chilly morning. I'd like to point out that I was visiting Ida (Chayaruchama) the day the idea for Burnt Amber was born. I told Ida about an idea I had for a burning amber perfume and she loved the idea. She said: "Yes, but could you add a Plum Note to it?" I thought this was a wonderful idea! So I began working to get it just right and mailed several iterations to Ida for her awesome input. Finally, I think version #5 was mutually agreed upon by Ida and I and Burnt Amber was born. Thank you, Miss Ida, for your great suggestions!

    At first the Plum Note was too sweet so I contrasted it with the Black Pepper, as you noted. I'm so glad you like the final result, SMM! I'll be wearing October on this New Englad fall morning!!

    Fragrant Dreams,


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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Ohh I love that Caron rugby player too. Grrr

    Today is the subtle and sneakily sexy SL Fleurs de Citronnier. Gorgeous!

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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    oops double post- sorry!
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    Guest 3

    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    I'm sampling Annick Goutal's La Violette for the second time. I was craving something violetty, and this is spicy, powdery violets, and greenery. It smells like those square violet candies that came wrapped in foil. It's pretty intense. I don't think this is quite what I was looking for this morning, but I think it will settle down soon.

    Happy Birthday to Caribou, Shadesofbleu, and Indie Guy!

    Shadesofbleu, these are for you...

    Enjoy the day!
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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009


    SMM, you smell completely gorgeous (I looooooooooove NM Burnt Amber, as you know) and your review is fabulous! So glad you're enjoying it.

    Scent twins with DesGrieux today in Serge Lutens Daim Blond, one of my purchases from our BN get-together in Boston last month. Too old for this one? Not a chance! I think it requires both a light heart and a certain amount of sophistication.

    Daim Blond notes: Iris Pallida, apricot kernel, cardamom, musk, heliotrope, hawthorn.
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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Well, Whiffman and SMM -
    Aren't you a sweet pair ;-)

    I love that hefty stuff, myself !

    Kisses, all you honeys....

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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Happy Birthday Shades and Indie_Guy!

    I must be experiencing aftershocks from Roberto's bottle yesterday, as I read the title of this thread as "Thrustday"...

    Wearing mainly Givenchy Le De, and sampling MH Coeur d'Ete. You would never know the latter has liquorice, banana and chocolate in it - it comes across as more of a demure floral.
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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    I opened a vintage bottle of No 5 parfum last night for sleepytiems, and it didn't disappoint. I was worried because almost half the bottle had evaporated (seal was still intact) and the juice seems a quite dark amber colour....but the gloriousness is all still there! marvelous.

    That was a fitting end to my nearly week-long Chanel Only fest, and I am welcoming the morning in a little Apres L'Ondee. I think I'll go with something modern niche after my shower, it's been pretty Chanel and Guerlain intensive lately, and I know there is a box of vintage designer stuff coming my way...I'd better let Serge or Fredric or those Garcons have a little time in the sun!
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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    L'Eau d' Issey, by Issey Miyake

    Gosh SMM, you really have me curious about that Burnt Amber now..."woodsmoked halo" ~ sounds divine!

    Twolf ~ give those weary fingers a rest today, 3 hours on such tedious deserve a break!

    Veuve, I just revisited the ad you posted for Victor & Rolfs' newest frag - Eau Mega It's completely fantastic! The play on words Eau Mega = Omega, the amazon woman = representing 'mega'/huge, and the gorgeous bottle too! It sort of looks Chanel-ish with the added trademark wax seal of V&R. I tell you, this is one house that spends some time and $ on their brand/image. PLEASE let us know when you get to sample this juice...I don't think it's anywhere in the US yet!

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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Chanel Coromandel for me today.

    I burned a WoodWick Rum Raisin candle for several hours last night, and now my house smells a bit like Ambre Narguilé. Mmmm.

    Happy birthday, shadesofbleu & Indie_Guy!

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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Happiest of Birthdays to our own Caribou, Shadesofbleu and Indie Guy!

    Wordie, I have exactly the same reaction to Sebastien Chabal. "Scary-sexy" is a perfect description. I kinda don't want to get too close but if I could just touch that long hair.......ooooooooohhhh, niiiiiice.

    Blatant bribery is a bad thing. Do what works, baby! Does Small like stickers? At one point, I could get my girl to co-operate for stickers to add to her collection. We made an album and sometimes would write down the good behavior or task she performed to earn the sticker on the page. It was wonderful positive reinforcement to go back & look at all the stickers she had earned over time.

    Nice to hear from Whiffman! I miss his big 'ole bear hugs. Neil's Burnt Amber is a a marvelous "take" on an amber based scent. I can definitely recommend it, if you haven't tried it.

    As for me, I am going to wear Andy Tauer's Incense Rose today. It's a favorite of my sisters and I am missing her very much. Wearing IR helps me to feel closer to her.

    Oh & things are better with my daughter. She came home yesterday and told me, "Mom, I'm not going to let those people intimidate me!" I am so proud of her.
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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Happy birthday
    shadesofbleu and Indie Guy

    Santal Blanc by Serge Lutens

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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    Happy, Happy Birthday to Caribou, Shadesofbleu and Indie Guy! Have a fun and fragrant day

    SotD today will be Chanel No.19.
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    Default Re: S o t D Thrusday 10 September 2009

    I've been in an anxious and uncertain situation in my life lately, and was sore in need of a "comfort scent," but wanted to stick to my "niche today!" vow...So, what else could I do but reach for that soft flannel PJ of a scent....Ava Luxe Love's True Bluish Light. Its a fragrance version of an evening with a cup of hot tea and a good book, fuzzy socks and all. Way sweeter than my usual tastes, but just the softness I needed. Hug me, LTBL!
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