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    Exclamation Youtube Review Thread #17 : Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger (Sept.10th)

    Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger Youtube Review (1995)

    Hey guys another review for you. This time on Tommy by Hilfiger. This was very popular back in the 90's and brings back lots of memories for me.

    Let me know what you think in this thread or comment on my youtube page , and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel.

    Thanks BNers

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    Default Re: Youtube Review Thread #17 : Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger (Sept.10th)

    One of the first frags i ever used and i still find it quite nice. My dad bought a bottle many years ago and he gave it to me when there was about 10ml left. I still have that same bottle, although empty on display. Many memories associated with this scent.
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    Default Re: Youtube Review Thread #17 : Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger (Sept.10th)

    I like your youtube reviews. Glad to see you doing it. Keep them going! But IMHO keep an eye on the time. 3 or 4 mins is best.
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    Default Re: Youtube Review Thread #17 : Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger (Sept.10th)

    I like them a bit longer! He can go more in depth.. as for the scent I've yet to try it! I tend to see it all the time so I just kinda ignore it.. which I shouldn't do. I did the same thing with Burberry London and now I love it! Good thing I finally tried it, it's perfect for Fall

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    Default Re: Youtube Review Thread #17 : Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger (Sept.10th)

    i don't mind the review being so long but you went over the same thing a lot...
    I got Tommy last month at shoppers drug mart while i was in canada(they had versace blue jeans on sale but i slept on it plus 20 bucks for that wasnt really cheap) i was quite surprised at how decent it was. it has this sharp aquatic smell to me which the fresh colognes lack these days so it def stands out. longevity i'm not sure haven't used it much. its funny though i took a full never used bottle of acqua d gio along with some others and on my way back my bag with them fell and out of everything in the bag gio was the only one to break keep the reviews coming maybe review some scents good for fall?

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