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    Default Mon Triomphe by J.B. Williams ?

    Apparently a Drug Store frag in the early 70's, but not sure how long it was around for. Does anyone have any experience with Mon Triomphe by J. B. Williams (the shaving soap maker)?

    I saw a bottle of the after shave at a Thrift Store today, but couldn't test it. If it truly is from the early 70's, not sure how good it would smell at this point -- and it was half empty (or half full, depending on what self help book you may be reading).

    Any info would be appreciate -- always curious to hear about vintage colognes that are no longer available!

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    Default Re: Mon Triomphe by J.B. Williams ?

    Thrift Store was having a 40% off sale today so I bought the bottle for $2.09.

    It smells quite nice. Very strong for an after shave. Kind of powdery -- reminds me a bit of the Original Chaps by Ralph Lauren. Money well spent!

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