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    Talking Lucky Me, today !

    Today after work I walked into an old drug store in the Bronx to pick up some items. on one of the shelves I saw three very old bottles of Clubman Eau de Clognes, THESE THINGS HAD THE OLD LABELS ON THEM from when I was a kid. They were Citrus Musk, Fleurs de France, and Coachman. the long classic style bottles. I was shocked, I love Barbershop Colognes and After Shaves, especially Clubman, and I haven't seen these in years. I asked the Gentleman behind the counter how much he wanted for the colognes and He laughed loudly and said "hmmm, give me 10 bucks for the three of them". Well, there home now and I'm wearing little dabs of each one on my wrists and arms. Long story short, I wish you guys can smell what I'm smelling now. Unbelievable, they still smell great. what a lucky find today. I wish this can happen to every one of you.

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    Awesome. It's always great to find a deal you love.

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    Some of the Clubmans are excellent and are true bargains. Even though they're eaux de colognes, I get plenty of longevity out of them. My favorite is the original Pinaud Clubman.

    Have you ever tried their Lilac Vegetal?
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    Yes shamu, I tried it a long time ago and I thought it was interesting, I was not into fragrances then but if I ever see it I will purchase it. as I recall it was like straight out lilac water, good for after bathing or shaving.

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    to add to You're response Shamu I also enjoy the original Pinaud Clubman, and it lasts a LONG time on me also. I find it (longevity) shames some EDT's

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