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    Cool Essence John Galliano,Rive Gauche Light, Gris Clair,Gucci, Michael for Men, L'eau Habit Rouge, 1881.

    Hi ! These are bottles I am seeking to buy or swap for. Much prefer largeer bottles, but let me know regardless if we can try to work something out. The decants, I am trying to swap for.

    Looking for bottles of :

    Nicole Miller for Men (vintage)
    Fahrenheit Absolute
    Hermes Concentre Orange d'Verte
    L'Eau Habit Rouge
    Bogart Witness
    Kouros Cologne Sport
    Nina Ricci Ricci Club
    Serge Lutens Gris Clair (older style font)
    Emporio Armani Red ( or White) He
    Gucci pour Homme ( 2003)
    Michael for Men
    Habit Rouge edt (vintage - gold cap)
    Sergio Tacchini Stile
    Guerlain Vetiver ( frosted square bottle)
    Essence of John Galliano room spray
    YSL M7
    Histoires de Parfums 1740 Marquis de Sade (older or current)
    YSL Rive Gauche pour Homme Light
    Ungaro III ( vintage, first formula)
    Cerruti 1881 ( vintage).

    .....but I am open to other bottles as well. It's just nice to cross of bottles on my "to get" list.

    Seeking large decant of :

    Santa Maria Novella Peau d'Espange ( Spanish Leather ?)

    Seeking samples or mini of :

    Santa Maria Novella Patchouli
    Zegna ( old one)
    Giorgio VIP

    Lets get something done here !

    * I may already have a couple of the bottles in my 'drobe that I am "looking for". This just means I am running out of juice and am seeking another bottle.
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    Default Re: Samples of RoadsterSport & Loewe7,Dzing!,L'Instant Extreme,Opium edt,Rive Gauche Light, Korres..

    Adjusted some things. Really want to get ahold of sample/vial/decant of Loewe 7 and Roadster Sport.
    Seeking: Bottles/decants : of Alain Delon Iquitos, Feeling Man, Gucci pour Homme, Essence of John Galliano, Opium pour Homme, Oxford & Cambridge, Fahrenheit Absolute, Concentré D'Orange Verte...etc.

    Seeking decant/sample of Jil Sander Feeling Man, Fan di Fendi Assolu, Lalique Hommage Voyageur, Giorgio VIP, ....etc. I have samples to swap.

    More HERE
    Please PM me !

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