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    Default Is the reviews EDIT Function back down again ?

    I thought that the EDIT FUNCTION was working again finally, from not too long ago.
    But I have just noticed that mine does not work still. ... ??? ... So I am wondering if other people are able to EDIT now ??? ...
    Or is it back down again ???

    I am totally

    Thanx in advance for your replies !
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    Default Re: Is the reviews EDIT Function back down again ?

    Oh wait a minute ... I have just answered my own question. And found out what the problem was. Or rather what I was doing wrong !

    Yes the EDIT function is still working absolutely fine ! Nothing is wrong ! No bugs !
    It's just that you have to edit the reviews from within the individual fragrance's page only. If you try and edit it from your reviews page, where all your reviews show up together from a search. The "edit button" does not work from there.

    Which is totally obvious really ! ... And I am kicking myself for not having worked that out sooner ! (How dumb can I get ! (LOL)).

    Oh well ... All sorted ! ...
    And I'm leaving this question here , just in case someone else runs into the same ridiculous problem.

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