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    Default L'Illusion Fragrances - "Giorgio"

    I was at Big Lots this evening and they are clearing out stock from Longs Drugs. They had a bunch of "L'illusion Fragrances," which are cheap knock-off fragrances. One of them was "Giorgio" for Men. I've never seen a knock-off of Giorgio, so I gave it a try.

    Woah! Smells really really good! The top notes were amazing (a bit like British Sterling), and then it dries down to a nice woody fragrance. It's strong and seems to be quite long lasting!

    I'm not sure just how much this smells like Giorgio for Men, but overall this stuff smells a lot more expensive.

    Anyone ever hear of L'Illusion Fragrances? According to the box they are out of Sacramento, CA. Zero info on the net about them as far as I can tell.

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    Smile Re: L'Illusion Fragrances - "Giorgio"

    Yes, I do remember L'Illusion fragrances. Drug Emporium used to carry L'Illusion imposter fragrances. There were many, Giorgio for Men, Polo, Obsession, White Linen for Women, Poison (a favorite), Passion by Elizabeth Taylor, White Diamonds, and at one point they evey carried a Fahrenheit by Christian Dior imposter (which smelled wonderful!). I sure wish they were still around, as they only cost about $8.50 for a 2-ounce spray bottle. In my opinion, I think they actually smelled better than the originals and lasted a heck of a lot longer. If they ever re-release this brand (with the same strong concentration), I will be the first in line to buy a dozen of each fragrance, lol!

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    Default Re: L'Illusion Fragrances - "Giorgio"

    We were the manufacturers of Lillusion fragrance. We do have some excess inventory to release. If interested, please email

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