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    Lightbulb The remarkable ability of smell

    Grab your favourite perfume, spray it on your wrist.
    Close your eyes and inhale the scent deeply.


    How do you feel?

    I've been spraying perfume long enough that persons, emotions and events in my live are subconsciously bonded to the frag I was wearing at the time I was experiencing a certain emotions during a certain event together with a certain person.

    Smelling Davidoff Cool Water takes me back to the wonderful days with my loving host family in the city of Cologne.
    Smelling Escada Sentiment I'm all of a sudden wandering the beautiful streets of Rome and eating delicious pesto mozarella, tonno on a ciabata with my class.
    Smelling Channel Egoist brings me back to last summer in my own home town feeling the world is my oyster.

    Smell has the remarkable ability to evoke emotions and recall past memories.

    Anyone ells feel the same way?
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    Default Re: The remarkable ability of smell

    Aren't those memories priceless. I tested Eternity the other day and for a few seconds i felt like I was back in college, with assignments to rush and girls to go after.
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    Default Re: The remarkable ability of smell

    It's funny how in my head, Fahrenheit is probably for me, the best out there from everything that I've smelled, but I don't have a bottle, and last time I had a bottle was about 10 years ago, and today is the first time that I've smelled it again in 10 years, I Guess I've been building up my wardrobe before I come back to my ultimate love.

    When I smelled fahrenheit earlier today on a sample graduated cylinder, I remember exactly how I smelled when I was only 13-14 years old. it turned each and every head in school then.
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    Default Re: The remarkable ability of smell

    I can't agree more. So the next time you have a big happy occasion, do put on a nice new scent.

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