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    Question Need help identifying Perfumes name

    Hello eveyrone! I am new to these forums and love being surrounded by so many lovers of perfume fragrances. I wanted to kindly ask for your assistance in helping me to identify the name of a perfume I used in my teens.

    I pretty much stole away this perfume from my mom as a teen but unfortunately broke the bottle when I had it in my school locker. To say my locker stunk for weeks is an understatement! lol I think being heckled by other students about the stink for weeks made me want to forget its name.

    Anyway, the perfume was a French one and had a stopper that one pulled out of the bottle so that one could put the perfume on the pulse points. The bottle was long and square of clear glass and had a picture of the French flag in the front. The perfume had a very sweet citrus smell that I still love in perfumes to this day.

    If anyone can help me out with this I'd appreciate it. Thanks!!!
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