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    Default Mini Cologne Company Startup

    So I have been a fan of mini colognes for a good while now, and I recently decided to start a website that specializes in the sale of minicolognes (1oz or under).

    I am targeting those people, like myself, who would rather buy a bunch of mini colognes rather than the oversized bottles that I never seem to finish.

    I want to basically be the widest selection and best prices available on the internet for orders of mini colognes.

    I will sell normal mini colognes, but also provide free promotions of tester vials of different colognes similar to what people have already bought that they may like. This will be my way of providing more value for a general buyer to go with me over a larger supplier

    Does anyone think that a business model specifically targetted at mini cologne users like myself will work? or are you a mini cologne buyer or do you stick to the larger bottles?

    If you have any experience in the market or have any good advice please let me know.

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    Default Re: Mini Cologne Company Startup

    Most of the time I prefer a spray application, rather than a splash, which is the only thing stopping me from buying Minis more often.

    When I do buy them, I can often find what I want at local shops, and even if an online vendor can beat the local price by 20%, that's not enough savings to get my business. Or if I do buy a mini online, it's usually to bump my order up to the minimum required for free shipping.

    So overall, I don't think your business plan is a good fit for my needs personally. But I wish you good luck!
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    Default Re: Mini Cologne Company Startup

    Why not? But not all frag releases come in minis or under 1 oz sizes. Are you going to decant these from the larger bottles? If you're going global, international shipping charges gotta be free or minimal. And be sure you can back up that bit about great prices and variety. But if you can do all these, I'll be one of your customers.

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    Default Re: Mini Cologne Company Startup

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulSC View Post
    Most of the time I prefer a spray application, rather than a splash, which is the only thing stopping me from buying Minis more often.
    I agree.

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    Default Re: Mini Cologne Company Startup

    I think minis are cool collectors items, but I wouldn't find them practical for wearing. The best thing about minis is the novelty of a cool bottle, shrunk down into a tiny size. The other day I got a mini of John Varvatos Vintage, and it's so damn cool-- it's even wrapped in a tiny band of faux snakeskin.

    I don't encounter that many minis, but if I did I would snap them up. If you can source a good range of minis to sell, you might get some takers-- A lot of us who collect normal sized bottles, would also enjoy minis of our favorites. Good luck, and let us know if/when you are up and running!

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    Default Re: Mini Cologne Company Startup

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I wanted to give a little more insight into what I have learned.

    It will probably start out as a guide/enthusiast site for people who are interested in buying many smaller colognes and have a wider selection. Information will be similar to what is on basenotes, and pretty much any information that can be found on the items. If a bottle doesnt come in mini, i might just have the smallest size available for some of the more popular colognes, but I will certainly have a section for upcoming and most wanted mini colognes. Or I might just have the bottles listed from smallest to largest, with the most emphasis on the smaller ones.

    My website might not actually sell anything initially, but I do want to track the lowest prices on the net and the availability of these colognes, so you can see who on the net has the lowest price, be it a large discount retailer like fragrancenet or even someone like ebay. Price comparisons between the different places will make it easier for people to search the whole internet in one site.

    As the website develops, I might end up transitioning to a dropship business offering the best prices on the net, and then again to actually dealing with the overhead and logistics, but that is only if it gets there. There is a very real possibility that this stays very small and unprofitable and will be more for fun than anything else.

    I am a mechanical engineer, and I might even try and develop a mini cologne spray cap for those who dont like the mini splashes, (i prefer the sprays as well). This might be a nice product if you could make a snap on cap or something, because many of the mini spashes have the same size diameter opening and a cheap plastic pump spray cap might be able to be designed. Ill look into this product further

    I will probably likely have a used/trade section where people could maybe trade colognes and have a place for discussion, similar to the basenotes board

    Basically Im trying to be a smaller more mini cologne centric basenotes, with more prices and options in case you want to buy it. Although there will be options to buy, i dont want to seem like im selling anything, but rather just providing the lowest prices there in case you were interested in buying.
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