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    Question Irissime by J.Frath

    Irissime by Jaques Frath. Notes sound good. Now again available from the 1950's when it was called Iris Gris. Why the name change. Apparently the name was sold to Hermes so they cannot reuse it. My question: Anyone tried it? Is this unisex material? Please submit review. I really am into histoic fragrances with stature. What I have read is that this not a precise reformulation but the basis for the new one. Mystery. Everyone loves a mystery from history. Pardon the rhyme. The is a crystal looking bottle, looks a little overdone but, attractive. So, if you have information, I am anxious to read.
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    Hallo N.Tesla, I see you've got deep into this fragrance obsession :-)

    My case too....

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    I had high expectations on this but found it quite disappointing. The hardly noticeable iris accord is buried under a big sweet fluffy layer of powder and musk. This one has nothing to do with earthy iris (ISM), boozy iris (Heeley Iris de Nuit) or floral iris (AdP Iris Nobile) - if any, it's more into the direction of FM's Iris Poudre, yet much less refined. Nice longevity, decent sillage, but if you're looking for a talc frag LVs teint de Neige or Profumum's Soavissima may be better; if you're looking for an iris frag, any of the above-mentioned is far more interesting.
    I've read in one blog that Irissime hasn't to do much with the famous Iris Gris.

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    It is Fath, you will be able to find more info on the web if the name is spellt correctly. I loved the old version, have not tried the new one and agree with Gerald that it is close to FM Iris Poudre. You know with so many irises available now, the choice is yours, mine is Hermes Hiris though.
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    More info on this thread I posted here:
    "When you become comfortable with uncertainty. infinite possibilities open up in your life"

    -- Eckhart Tolle
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    It's available at for a very good price.
    I did not try it but my fired did, and she was dissapointed. She days it is pretty inoffensive with a light smell of iris and it is gone in about an hour.

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