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    Default Re: Your family members' scents

    Dad: More than 25 years with Polo Ralph Lauren
    Mom: Aqua di Gio and last years Cool Water
    Sister: Dolce Vita, Pink Sugar, Polo Sport
    Brother: He use whatever I use (we live together).....He like Azzaro, Safari, Rive Gauche.In general he think I have very bad taste in fragances.....

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    Default Re: Your family members' scents

    no one in my family(if extended, a lot of my cousins have more than a few bottles and some of my aunts always be smelling lovely!) is really into perfume. my mom has some, she has "mom" scents which i dont think she uses often, my dad don't use anything and my sister has been using paris hilton the original and Happy for a LONG time now. My sister pretty much hates every cologne with the exception of Dior Fahrenheit. I don't really use my bottle so i gave it to her to use
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    Default Re: Your family members' scents

    My mom wears white linen, since, forever. It was always her and her sisters favorite. I did make progress by taking to her a Bond 9 shop and she fell in love with Harrods for her. I have since tried to get her to try more things but she says she isn't buying another perfume for years after spending what she spend on Harrods .

    My dad has had the same bottle of Polo for about two decades now, he wears it very rarely. I think it's time to change that, I'm trying to get him to wear Vetiver but not sure if thats going to work...

    My sis wears Daisy and she nabbed a bottle of Happy from her friend, but the next bottle she's getting is going to be a gift from me, and it will be niche .

    My Grandma wore Joy when she was younger, a rich man used to buy it for her to try to win her over. She wore Red Door for a while until she decided that she was allergic to all fragrances. Now she wears the natural perfumes I make.

    My other G-ma wore 1872 for women by Clive, until she realized she didn't really like it... Now she also wears what I make her. I took her to the CB I Hate perfume gallery and now she wears Smokey Tobacco only on cold days with her leather jacket.

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    Default Re: Your family members' scents

    I was at my aunt and uncle's house this weekend for a get-together and while I was looking through their bathroom for a band-aid (the cat bit me...haha), I discovered a bottle of Opium. I sprayed a couple shots on my wrist - so that's what my aunt always smells like! I've smelled this stuff on her for years, but since I had never actually knowingly smelled Opium before I had no idea. I think it's great on her but this pretty much means I would never be able to wear Opium myself since it will always just make me think of my aunt. That was a fun discovery though.

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    Default Re: Your family members' scents

    Good thread!

    Father: Him and I have an eternal fight going on, that in my estimation will never end (we're both too stubborn). He believes that fragrance is for women only, that women don't want to smell a man that smells like a women, and that the only reason that men's fragrance exists is because it's the industries way of trying to make men effeminite. He won't change his mind, it's soap (dial, irish spring etc.) and his own "musk".

    Mom: Estee Lauder Beautiful and Vera Wang

    Brother: All of my stuff Though he does have an affinity towards stuff I don't really like anymore (L'Homme and Wall Street)

    Sister: Don't know.
    <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

    Obsessions of the Moment- Kristiansand EDC, Green Irish Tweed, Zizan

    Granted, we've known each other for some time. It don't take a whole day to recognize sunshine. ~ Common Sense

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    Default Re: Your family members' scents

    Dad- almost anything, but usually goes for Denim, Hattrick, 4711, Gillette Cool Wave
    Mom- Cabotine de Gres, Authentic Maroussia, Versace Blue Jeans (although a male frag), Spellbound by Estee Lauder, Yves Rocher Ispahan, Yves Rocher Pivoine and Yves Rocher Eau de Cedre Bleu
    Currently wearing: Ambré Noble by Zara

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    Default Re: Your family members' scents

    No other real perfumista...
    My mom doesnt loathe perfume but doesnt love either, has got a few bottles on the shelf but I have never ever smelled anything (but i dont complain, its where i got my Eau the vert, Caleche and Opium Pour femme from ), Baby Brother is somewhat pleased with what i gave him (Coolwater Happy Summer, Silver Shadow Altitude, Dior Homme Sport , Lynx Click and the to come Blue Jeans) but thats pretty much it.

    No colognisseur family...

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    Default Re: Your family members' scents

    Quote Originally Posted by mysticknot View Post
    Dad- Brut, Old Spice
    Mom - Guerlain -Champs Elysee, L'heure Bleue, Must de Cartier, Je Reviens, many others..
    Sister- Jo Malones, Chanel Allure sometimes
    MY Husband - Gucci for Men ( new one in grey bottle ) , Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger
    The dog- Ma Griffe ()......ask my mother
    LOL! I love dogs and perfume, but they might have allergies like people.

    Mum: Chanel No. 5
    Dad: Old Spice, French Fern
    Sister: Obsession (usu. not into scent)
    Niece: Alfred Sung Shi
    Hubby: T&H 1805, Opium Pour Homme, Chanel Allure Homme
    His daughters: one Britney Spears Fantasy and D&G The One (I bought her the latter); the other, DKNY Be Delicious, Love Spell by Victoria's Secret
    Dogs: a drop of lavender essential oil rubbed on the coat!

    I am the only perfume nut in the family who swims in the stuff...
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    "The sunset is deeper and longer. The scent of the jasmine is stronger." Miracles. Pet Shop Boys

    "Thick dome of jasmine
    (Under the dense canopy where the white jasmine),
    Blends with the rose,
    (That blends with the rose),"
    "The Flower Duet," Lakme by Leo Delibes, 1881

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