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    I just found this site:, they have amazing prices. Does anybody have expierience with them? I cannot really believe, that they sell Green Irish Tweed for $91...

    If it is not legit, anyone has a recommendation for a good online store that sells classics like Le Male, M7, Zino, Bulgari Black, etc. for the lowest price and ships international?

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    if your still in Taipei I would just go to Sogo to buy Le Male and Mitsukoshi for Bulgari Black even though you'll be paying a little bit more than retail price in the states. Try for M7 and the rest as is based in HK and they have alot more hard to find fragrances than what they have available in Taiwan which isn't much to say the least. Oh and FYI the oldest Mitsukoshi near the Taipei Main Station carries Aramis and Tuscany (both original formulation) and if you happen to be at the Taoyuan Airport departing you can buy Aramis 900 (original formualation) at the first large duty free fragrance store when you go in.

    Now if only I knew where they sell the niche frags here....
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