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    Default List of reformulated classics

    I am becoming rather paranoid lately. I am always afraid, that what I just bought is not the original formula praised here on basenotes, but rather a watered-down re-formulation...
    Just recently I bought John Vervatos, Zino Davidoff, Bvlgari Black and M7 over

    Now I first right in a thread on basenotes today, that M7 is reformulated to a softer Version and has a new bottle, than I read that Bvlargi Black is ALSO re-formulated to a more sweeter version... I am fucking pissed. This hobby is really exciting, unique and rewarding for me, but these re-formulations of popular, high-quality fragrances to cheaper version are so frustrating, that I can almost not enjoy it. Everytime I order something I first have to duoble check if its still the original and than in case find the original formula... soo annoying.

    Is there somewhere a list of all the reformulations of classic mainstream fragrances, right now I dont care so much about Niche. I am still waiting to add classics like Habit Rouge, Kouros and Rive Gauche to my collection,because I also read somewhere they are watered-down.

    So my next request is: Is there some actual shop (I hate ebay), that is a reliable source to buy the vintage versions of the really important fragrances?

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    Default Re: List of reformulated classics

    You can try xmen's sales thread.

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    Default Re: List of reformulated classics

    Yea....I would pm xmen and if he doesn't have listed what you are looking for, he may be able to get it for you.

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    I always make it a rule to seek out vintage whenever possible. There are some vendors on eBay that are reliable. You just have to do your homework and ask questions of every vendor.

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    My question is where can I find out which fragrances are re-formulated in the first place. Is there a site or list, with an overview over all the reformulation on the market? I am just paranoid about buying a reformulation without even knowing, that this fragrance, which may have raving reviews for the ORIGINAL formula on Basenotes was actually reformulated and I have the new version without knowing it.

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    I approach this differently, by limiting myself to fragrances that are worth wearing in the current formulations, especially when I buy online.
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    I suggest reading the reviews in the fragrance directory. Most major reformulations are mentioned in reviews.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocmanCC View Post
    I suggest reading the reviews in the fragrance directory. Most major reformulations are mentioned in reviews.
    I can think of some biggies that aren't

    And it seems like they are occurring faster that I can keep up with. Like ALL THE CHANELS... HERMES...I wonder about an area on basenotes delegated to discussing re-formulations (for those of us who'd like to buy the classics as we know/remember them), in which we can list the various reformulations and discuss their specific merits/ and or failings...

    Just a thought...
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