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    Default Profumi Del Forte.

    Somone tried fragrances from this house? Is it something to test out?

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    Default Re: Profumi Del Forte.

    Having sampled six ones from their line, I've found Roma Imperiale the most unique and interesting scent.
    But as a line I'm underwhelmed by it. The marble is nice on the cap of the bottles, but in itself that stone doesn't justify the rather high prices.

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    Default Re: Profumi Del Forte.

    I have tried Marconi 3, Vittoria Apuana, Tirrenico and Roma Imperiale. Vittoria Apuana is a very natural and magnificent recreation of Coconut suntan lotion. If you have ever tried coconut smelling Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion, that is pretty much what it smells like, if only with an extra few notes to make it a pleasant summer scent. However, when choosing I went for Virgin Island Water instead 'cause I loved the rum note in it, something Vittoria Apuana doesn't have. Tirrenico smells super ozonic and a lot like salty ocean sand. It is just too realistic for my taste without any sweetness to it. Marconi is forgettable. Now, Roma Imperiale is a little gem. It caresses you. Women want to bite your neck (I am gay and don't care for that but they DO LOVE IT!) To me it is very comforting, flowery, with a very soft rose, a stronger orchid and a bit of civet muskiness to it. It is awesome in the summer. I haven't tried in the cold months. But to give you an idea of my taste, My favorites for the cold months are Musc Ravageour, and New Haarlem. If you like those, then our taste might be similar and you will like it as much as I do? I just ordered Ciel for men by Amouage for the summer and I am debating if to switch the order to Roma Imperiale instead and Ciel is my favorite Amouage...Rome is just that good!

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    Default Re: Profumi Del Forte.

    I keep ordering decants of Tirrenico, its been my summer favorite - even though its too masculine for me, but I really like it. If you like Heeley's Sel Marin I'd try this. Sel Marin is a little sunnier and happier, wheras Tirrenico is more wet driftwood and moody on an overcast seaside day. I'll probably be buying my bf Tirrenico for his birthday.

    I've tried Roma Imperiale. In general I don't like vanilla scents but this one has an addictive quality about it, and I'm surprised all the vanilla lovers at basenotes aren't going nuts over this fragrance. When you first put it on you think its going to be some kind of vacation resort summer seaside scent, and then it shifts gears suddenly and cranks into high powered adult vanilla and just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

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