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Thread: Blind Purchase

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    Default Blind Purchase

    I just purchased a 3.3 oz bottle of Monsieur de Givenchy based on reviews and my like of Eau Sauvage and Chanel pour Monsieur. Wish me luck!

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    Default Re: Blind Purchase

    I've read many good things about Monsieur de Givenchy but unfortunately i've not had the privilege to test it as it is not available here. I'm curious to read about your take on it
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    Good luck! I may buy Givenchy Gentleman when I purchase Rochas Lui.
    I wish I could get my hands on that damn Vetyver by Givenchy.
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    Although I haven't smelled Monsieur de Givenchy either, from reviews and informal opinions I gathered that it's a treat for the fans of classic citrus. And i also second the Givenchy Vetiver bit, since I'm also eager to have it.
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