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    Default Re: SOTD: Tuesday 22nd September 2009

    Ah, Brielle, the original Le de Givenchy is my mother's splendid to see it getting some attention here....

    I felt no joy at my Givenchy III (the evil scent twin today, apparently!), so I moved to Feminite de Bois for the evening.
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    Default Re: SOTD: Tuesday 22nd September 2009

    Polo Blue Pour Homme by RL

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    Default Re: SOTD: Tuesday 22nd September 2009

    So In Love by Victoria Secret. My favorite funky rose on freshly deep exfoliated skin. I smells goooood
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    Default Re: SOTD: Tuesday 22nd September 2009

    Has everyone checked out my Top 100 Blog??
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    Default Re: SOTD: Tuesday 22nd September 2009

    L'Instant Magic again. The little mini I have is almost gone, so I might as well finish it.
    I feel the need to add an entry to the "Today I finished..." thread!
    What happened yesterday? I could not log in for the longest time.
    I was having Basenotes withdrawals

    Oh no!!!! I forgot it was scent synchronization day. I had my Encre Noire sample ready to go. I never know what day I live in...oh well, maybe I can make up for it tomorrow.

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    Default Re: SOTD: Tuesday 22nd September 2009

    Forgot it was SS day too.
    Guerlain Vetiver.

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    Default Re: SOTD: Tuesday 22nd September 2009

    I did not have time to look for my sample of Encre Noir today, and was so tired last night, I completely forgot. So, SotD was layered Hermes: Gentiane Blanche and Pamplemousse Rose. I saw this layering combo discussed on Now Smell This. I must say, the PR did nothing for the GB, and in fact GB eventually overwhelmed it anyway. I like GB better, so it was fine by me!

    SotE is Jicky extrait..mmmm, creamy civet goodness

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    Default Re: SOTD: Tuesday 22nd September 2009

    Quick, late post to thank Haunani for my delish sotd, TDC's Bois d'Iris.

    Good night!
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