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    Hi, everyone.

    I really like the original Quorum. But I've never tried the Silver and Aqua versions of it. Which one is the best?


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    I've tried the original Quorum and the Silver. Quorum, an '80's powerhouse type is, in my opinion the better of the two. Silver is different and (going from memory) more along the lines of contemporary-synthetic-woods style. I have not tried the Aqua but would imagine it to be in the Cool Water-Acqua Di Gio vein.
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    I own and enjoy all 3. My favorite of the 3, however, is Quorum Silver (love the cumin note.)

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    Quorum satisfies like not other! If you like the original, try the other ones and you'll like the original even better.

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    the original is the best In my opnion...

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    I have the original & Silver .
    If you like frags like Envy & Carven Homme , you will like Silver .
    Its well put together & like the original great sillage & longevity .

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    Very good stuff.........

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    I'd also go for the original
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    Thank you for the replies!

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    Does anyone know if original Quorum aftershave lotion smells similar and packs anything like the punch of the EDT? Or is it a totally different beast and not worth my time?
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    I've only had the original... and the Silver and Aqua *cannot* be any better. Just my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsteve View Post
    I've only had the original... and the Silver and Aqua *cannot* be any better. Just my opinion.
    I agree! Though at the price I have been tempted many times. The Mighty Quorum can have no equal as far as flankers go though

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    For me personally never cared for Quorum.

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    The Silver one is a very nice cedar fragrance that seemed really simple to me at first but that gets more complex as you notice different aspects of it. I haven't tried the Aqua one.

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