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    Default Got the sample of Havana today

    From one of the kind basenoter here (I am not going to mention his name, unless he wants me to). Anyway, I had a hard time trying to get the tape out and spilled half of the sample (darn!!!) while doing it. Well, one word: absolutely delightful (ok, that was 2 words). From the first notes, middle and the drydown, all were very pleasant indeed. I could tell that there is a similiarity between this and Knize Ten (the drydown), but there is one or possibly two ingredients in Knize Ten that I just couldn't stand (could it be the musk?). Anyway, I absolutely love this original version of Havana by Aramis, without reservation. I will surely try to get my hand on the re-issued version of Havana, but if it is anything less, I won't hestitate to fork over the money for the original. This scent just reminds me of Andron by Jovan, without the pheremones.

    Thank you so much, again, for the kind hearted fellow here. Y'all Basenoters are great!

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    Default Re: Got the sample of Havana today

    Welcome to the club!

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    Default Re: Got the sample of Havana today

    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    thats funny
    I usually love heavy scents but when I tried Havana from a sample it smelled like really strong bug spray and then died down to heavy tobacco
    did you feel this way?
    Well, it sure was a very pleasant "bug spray" to me. If bug spray smells like this, I will buy them all from a local Walmart . I just ordered 3 bottles of the re-issued Havana from Nordstroms website, btw. I can always take them back if they are not like the original.

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