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    I wanted to finally add the pictures of my collection to the "post a picture of your scents" but i have no clue how to upload it to. Any tips?

    I know this has been discussed before but i seem to be too stupid to find the threads, when I search for upload pictures i always get other stuff...

    Help highly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Picture uploading

    Do you use a host site? If you have not subscribed to one, I suggest You can upload your pics onto that site and manage an album there. From that site, you can link your pictures to other forums as well.
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    You can create your own photo album right here on basenotes. Click on the "User CP" link in the top left, then "Pictures & Albums".

    From there, create an album then upload a picture. When you view the picture in your album, there will be a link at the bottom called "BB Code". Copy and paste that into your post and your picture will show up for everyone to see.

    For example, this: [HTML][/HTML]

    Equals this:

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    Default Re: Picture uploading

    Thanks a lot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocmanCC View Post

    This photo made my day
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