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    Question Aimez-Moi--Reformulated, Faked, or Just Gone Bad?

    I have a problem. I'm new to fragrances, and so in an effort to find My Very Own Spring Scent I sent away for several samples from a reputable decant seller. I fell in love with Aimez-Moi, so I bought a 100 ml bottle of it for "half price" from one of the online retailers listed in this basenotes thread. (I don't know if I should mention seller's names or what. Anyway it was a retailer that had been listed as not having complaints.)

    When I received the full bottle, I noticed it didn't smell nearly as good as my decanted sample, either when I sprayed it on, dabbed it on, or just smelled it from the bottle. There was the "lemon-lime soda" smell and the sweet, slightly powdery-musky undertones, but there were no bright mint, violet, and citrus top notes that the sample had.

    Obviously there are three possible solutions:

    1. Aimez-Moi was somehow reformulated.
    2. I bought a fake bottle.
    3. The bottle is old or has gone bad or whatever.

    The bottle I bought is the gold-topped, tall, bumpy-clear-glass bottle that many Carons seem to come in. It's got "Made in France" on the bottom. I no longer have the cardboard box it came in, but I didn't notice any obvious misspellings or "Engrish". It seemed pretty legit.

    Does anyone know if Aimez-Moi is reformulated, or if the juice in the gold-topped "standard" bottles is different from the shorter, squat bottles? Or is this a perfume that often turns bad? I bought the sample in the heat of August and it's still "fine".

    I really want this perfume--and if I can get a good price on it, great!--but I'm hesitant to get burned again.

    Any insights are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Aimez-Moi--Reformulated, Faked, or Just Gone Bad?

    I really dislike Aimez-Moi, going by the notes I should love it. But I just hated it when I tried it.

    To be honest how you are describing the full bottle is what I got from the fresh sample I had from Les Senteurs.

    Sort of lemony very sweet musky.

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