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    Talking Agua lavanda dry lavender splash

    Perhaps some one can help me with this. As some of you already know I always have my eyes open for rare classic frags. I went to an old Beaty Supply shop in the Bronx. And of course found some old Classics, but as I looked behind the counter glass I saw the top of a box I never seen before. I asked the Gentleman if I can look at the box and he put it on the counter. let me describe the package, it's a big box. It's green with gold edges, it has a square in the middle,edged in gold with the words AGUA LAVANDA PUIG. Under the square it says DRY LAVENDER SPLASH. I asked him if I could open the box and he said "of course you can" I took out this Big Beatiful Bottle with a Huge wooden cap, (the bottom of the box says 13.5 OZ) And I purchased it Because I enjoy the regular Agua Lavanda. I took the Cap off (It took an extra pull and tug to achieve this) at first I thought I broke the inside of the cap but upon further inspection I noticed I did'nt, it's just this thing is old. I put a little on my wrist and OH MAN this frag is rich and powerful, the top notes are more STRONGER than the Agua Lavanda I'm used to. I put this on 30 minutes ago and I'm still smelling the top notes. I can't find this EDC on the Basenotes directory, some one help me please, perhaps one of my fellow Latino Basenoters

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    Is the bottle glass or plastic? Please post a picture of it, when you can.
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    It's a thick glass bottle Mike, and it's very dark Green, so is the box. I will try to put a picture of it. but I don't have access to a webcam. LOL I'm a dinosaur, I'll have some one help me with this

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