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    Default Profumum Roma, Perfume Store in Rome (2:29-min. VIDEO)

    Taking a little break in your day? Why not stroll through a perfume store in Rome via this video.
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    Default Re: Profumum Roma, Perfume Store in Rome (2:29-min. VIDEO)

    Nice break! Lovely shop! Thank you, Quarry.

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    Default Re: Profumum Roma, Perfume Store in Rome (2:29-min. VIDEO)

    Thanks Quarry ! What a sweet little shop - just my thing ! So many goodies ! So many red boxes of Frederic Malle .....
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    Default Re: Profumum Roma, Perfume Store in Rome (2:29-min. VIDEO)

    Sweet! Thanks, Quarry.
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    Default Re: Profumum Roma, Perfume Store in Rome (2:29-min. VIDEO)

    I enjoyed that Quarry, complete with the essential motorbike noise and
    phone answered by an authentic Italian.

    The flower arrangements were gorgeous, not to mention the perfumes.
    All our favourites in one place. Wouldn't you just kill to work there?

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    Default Re: Profumum Roma, Perfume Store in Rome (2:29-min. VIDEO)

    Oh how absolutely perfect! Thank you for posting this. I could work happily for the rest of my days in a shop like that.

    Now, can we all go have espresso and biscottis? My feet are sore

    Btw, at the 2:04 mark there are some interesting cylindrical bottles, with what look like little test tubes next to them. Anyone know what they are?
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