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    Default K. Hall Designs Solid Perfumes?

    I picked up a fairly inexpensive little solid perfume last weekend, "Cypress & Cassis" from K. Hall Designs. My first reaction to this and to their Peony scent is "utterly linear but quite nice".

    I see from their website that they have a bunch of other scents. Does anyone have any experience with or opinion on this brand?


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    Default Re: K. Hall Designs Solid Perfumes?

    We have a small lingerie store in town, they stock some niche stuff, and today i tried a K.Hall Design EDT Orange Amber. I sprayed it on a card, and waited, and it was interesting, a nice orange blast, which i enjoyed. Shoved the card in my bag, and promptly forgot about it. Tonight, i was getting something out of my bag, and could smell something delicious wafting out, and it was this card. The amber was coming through beautifully, and i'm loving it now. It was quite inexpensive, as you say, 40 dollars for the bottle. I feel a purchase is imminent.

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