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    Well I had the chance to spray this on my hand last night, and it smells like they are trying copy Fahrenheit. So if you encounter a bunch of teens who smell like Fahrenheit they are probably wearing Axe Peace.

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    Interesting info, thanks for sharing. Axe, irrespective of how generic and blamed it might be, has had some odd well-made scents in the past, my only problem is that, especially the body sprays, could benefit from some additional longevity.

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    I agree, but they have this chemical smell that I just hate. What is weird is the Old Spice and the other knockoff sprays don't seem to have this chemical blast that I hate.

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    I bought the shampoo and the body wash last month just for the heck of it. I am not that familiar with Axe, but I would think that the shampoo and the bodywash would / should smell the same. They don't smell anything alike to me. Love the shampoo. The bodywash smells like scented sawdust.
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    I'm actually a huge fan of axe body sprays. Think I'm still stuckin high school, mentally and olfactorily. Lol

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    Smells nothing like fahrenheit to me.
    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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    I didn't get a Fahrenheit vibe either - sprayed the back of my hand in a store - it was pleasant enough though I will admit that, after 3-4 minutes and the initial "Axe blast" had worn off - sadly though it was completely gone in far less than an hour.

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    Can't stand Axe spray's, but I own a few of the Designer's Imposter's Body Sprays. They have interpretations of Acqua Di Gio, Bleu de Chanel, Drakkar Noir, Fierce, Gucci Guilty, Polo Blue, Curve, Unforgivable, Eternity, and Armani Code. They come in Sprays and EDC concentration. The Fierce one smells identical to it and lasts forever.

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    There is, (in my opinion) one exception in the current Axe line up. It is Axe Musk.
    It's strange because it's only available in 3 countries worldwide. France, Germany and Brasil !!!
    It has a wonderful old fashioned barber shop vibe. I am fascinated by this fragrance.
    Another member described it as containing a powdery rose note, which I agree with - and this newer Axe Musk is much better, (and smells more retro !) than the first edition of Axe Musk which was a crude and monotone musk.
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