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    Default Go for the Girl Power!

    I found this listing of Warrior Queen scents on the Black Phoenix Alchemy site. Well, not all are queens, but all were women of ferocity and bravery!

    Three are Asian warrior-women:

    They have my heroine, Tomoe Gozen, who was the concubine of the 12th century Kiso Yosinaka, who rode beside her lover in battle during the Minamoto Wars. Legend says she was as brave as beautiful. When her lover was losing a battle, it is said that she created a decoy to allow her lover to escape and kill himself rather than be captured--an honourable suicide. She was then said to have commited seppuku herself; this was the women's means of hourable suicide. (BTW, women cannot commit harakiri...) Some legends say she cut off her raven-black long hair, shaved her head and became a Buddhist nun; some say she cut off her lover's head and took it so that it could not be taken as a war trophy and displayed. Some legends say she jumped into the sea to drown herself, clutching Kiso's head to her body...

    They have Jingu-kogo, the warrior empress of Japan. It is said she tied a rock to her belly to delay her pregnancy so she could participate in a battle...

    And then Hua Mulan...Disney did a film about her () but she has been a legend for centuries--wearing her father's armour to defend the family name and national honour.

    Alas, I did not see Joan of Arc, the 15th century warrior girl of France. She defied the Duke of Burgundy's alliance with England and assured the crowning of the Dauphin, who became Charles VII. He betrayed Joan in the end. She was captured and sold to the English. He could have paid her ransom but did not. In a sham trial, she was condemned as a witch and war criminal and burnt at the stake at the age of 19. Even at her execution, and ENglish soldier is said to have commented, "God have mercy on us. We have killed a saint." Her father called for a posthumous trial and she was acquitted. I adore her. She's one of my all-time heroines. She is indeed a Roman Catholic saint. She was called the Maid of Lorraine.

    I recommend for Joan's perfume (Jeanne in French, in her own day, Jehanne) these notes: fresh lily, virginal muguet and grasses (she was a peasant girl), attar of roses (for her noble spirit), jasmine (ya gotta have jasmine...), amber, a touch of woods and smoke.

    Has anyone tried these scents?

    Any other inspirations of famous figures of history?
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    Default Re: Go for the Girl Power!

    sounds like a great collection, too bad there is no Joan of Arc scent I would really have loved that (see quote below)
    I am not afraid... I was born to do this.

    -Joan of Arc

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    Default Re: Go for the Girl Power!

    From the title I thought the Powerpuff Girls put out a new fragrance or something heheh.

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