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    Could you'all learn me on what "they" do to a frag to add the "fraiche" to it?? Currently wondering about Hypnose Fraiche. I own and absolutely LOVE Hypnose Homme, and, I don't want to buy a Hynose Fraiche and hate it.
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    "Fraiche" ('fresh') refers to a lighter version, sometimes with reformulated notes. In the case of Hypnose Fraiche, it's literally just a lighter version of the original Hypnose. Have you seen the bottles at Marshalls? My Marshalls was flooded with them for a while....

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    There were a lot of eau fraiches brought out in the '60's and '70's. Christian Dior debuted its eau fraiche even earlier, in 1952.
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    In my opinion, the 90's and early 2000's saw a certain revival of "fraiche" scents, both as lighter versions explicitly marketed as "fraiche", but also more indirectly, with almost any classic female or male scent getting either a lighter flanker or being reformulated even within the very core of the initial, original, apparently unchanged version.

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    Definitely much lighter

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    Best thing is test it out first!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sniffman View Post
    There were a lot of eau fraiches brought out in the '60's and '70's. Christian Dior debuted its eau fraiche even earlier, in 1952.
    For the record Eau Fraiche de Christian Dior is a bright, shiny citrus fragrance by Roudnitska and not a lighter version of anything else. It is still made today.

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    Yes. I have a vintage bottle of Christian Dior Eau Fraiche, and of course, it was not a lighter fragrance of anything else, and stood out on its own. It was a "don't ask don't tell " unisex fragrance. There is a 1957 ad showing both male and female hands reaching for it. I understand that this was the "go to" fragrance for women looking for a citrus fragrance. A more modern take on citrus was developed later on: "Diorella." This was considered a more feminine version of "Eau Sauvage." I have a vintage bottle of "Diorella," but I prefer "Eau Fraiche." See this for further education:
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