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    Default How much do you evaluate frangrance at a distance?

    In testing Clean Men by Dlish, I've read some reviews here that say it smells like "bubble gum and soap."

    I rather liked the scent, but after reading the review I did notice the above distinction, but only when getting a really close, really deep whiff. From inches away, the scent blends together very nicely.

    It got me thinking; when evaluating a scent, how important is it to you to try to pick apart the notes and get a really deep understanding? Do you evaluate it from a distance (as others would perceive it)?

    Personally, I do both. The deep whiffing though is really for my own edification, enjoyment, and education.

    What about you?

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    Default Re: How much do you evaluate frangrance at a distance?

    I'm not an analytical person by nature. I spray, smell and then decide if I like the collective whole of the scent.

    After I decide, whether I like it or not, I will make an attempt to pick out what's favorable or unfavorable. Too much thinking and not enough smelling / enjoying would not work for me....however, that is the way I decide on a scent.

    I used to be a songwriter and every song needs an intro, verse,chorus/hook and an outro. One part of the song usually is more excellent than the connecting parts, but it's the collective whole that matters.

    Frags, like songs, either move you or they don't. Once you start dissecting your favorite song in order to understand what it was exactly that was moving you in the first place, I guarantee it will no longer be your favorite after all that analysis.

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    Default Re: How much do you evaluate frangrance at a distance?

    It's not at all important for me to dissect the notes. If it smells got to me, that's enough.

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    Default Re: How much do you evaluate frangrance at a distance?

    If it smells good to me, that is all that matters. I personally have no desire to analyze every nuance of it.
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    Default Re: How much do you evaluate frangrance at a distance?

    Speaking of _literally_ at a distance: I decided just a couple of days ago that I need to reduce my direct-sniff focus when evaluationg a fragrance. I had tested Parfumerie Tubereuse Couture once on my arm, and was pretty doubtful about it - it was a little too sharp, sort of lemony-without-lemon sharp, when directly sniffed.

    The next day I grabbed the sample sprayer and sprayed the back of my neck, where I absolutely couldn't direct-sniff it. I _loved_ the whiffs that I got when I moved my head, leaned back and then leaned forward, and so on.

    So from now on, if I'm 50/50 about a fragrance I'll try the back-of-the-neck-only method.

    Metaphorically at a distance: I like to evaluate it both ways, sometimes dissecting the notes and sometimes telling my brain to Just Shut Up. I don't feel any obligation to "understand" the fragrance and dissect the notes, but I also generally can't help trying to figure it out. I find that I do more often dissect the notes of fragrances that I don't like, than those that I do. And I especially do so with fragrances that I don't like but everyone else seems to - like, for example, l'Air du Desert Marocain. I guess I want to figure out why I disagree with the majority.

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    Default Re: How much do you evaluate frangrance at a distance?

    Spray the fragrance into a small, enclosed room, close the door and come back in a few minutes to sniff. This can be quite helpful. I agree with the others though, it's enough to me to sniff myself to see if I like a fragrance. I certainly won't buy something if I am not going to enjoy wearing it regardless of how it smells to others. I buy fragrances 95% to please myself.

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    Default Re: How much do you evaluate frangrance at a distance?

    I wish I had the patience to spend more time analyzing my frags...

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    Default Re: How much do you evaluate frangrance at a distance?

    I test perfumes on the wrist first, but overall, I only judge its performance when I actually wear it for real (6-8 sprays on my undershirt). .

    Eg my #1 fave of all-time (Prada IdI), I don't actually like it much when smelled up-close, but when I spray it the way I describe it above, I think it's the most divine smell....
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