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    Thumbs down Marc Ecko the fragrance

    I found a tester of this at Macy's (they didn't have the product in yet) what a boring scent!!! I smelled like blend of Eternity and Dolce & Gabbana - and he was quoted that his fragrance would be uncoventual.....yeah right!

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    Default Re: Marc Ecko the fragrance

    Yes, agreed. They had the tester and product in my Macy's. It is very short-lived as well as being run of the mill.
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    Default Re: Marc Ecko the fragrance

    I, for one, am shocked...
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    Default Re: Marc Ecko the fragrance

    LOL! I thought his Star Wars t-shirts were cool.

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    Default Re: Marc Ecko the fragrance

    I walked by one of the Ecko stores and could smell the new fragrance coming from there. I thought it smelled a lot like Fierce.

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    Default Re: Marc Ecko the fragrance

    Stopped wearing his line in 1997 when he got sued for spelling it with the H.
    Line fell off after that.
    I expected a generic mix of 90's and 00's, just like what I expected from Roc 9IX.
    But thanks for the heads up Scentimus I'll test it next time at the mall.

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    Default Re: Marc Ecko the fragrance

    I didn't think it was as bad as many things on the department store counter.
    I just reviewed it here:

    It isn't the next great thing but I didn't find it as boring as I do most things at the department stores these days.
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