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    Lightbulb Signature Scent.

    I completely enjoy discovering new scents some of which, become part of the olfactory symphony that rocks my world. The signature scent is not just my favorite scent but that scent by which I am known. When you turn a corner in a dept. store and catch a waft of a scent on someone that definitively reminds you of someone else, that is signature, part of a picture of that person and a voice and a warm feeling of their relationship to you. All of this comes flooding into your mind with feelings, happy and sad. Then you go on about your life until next you are reminded again. Sometime during life's journey we suddenly grasp how alone we are in the mortal coil we find ourselves. The mystery of life is sweet and bitter and the question of the why of our existence is never revealed. The beauty of scent, be it flowers, woods or hot apple pie offer us all hope and some solace.

    "We all live lives of quiet desperation..." Bertrand Russell

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    Default Re: Signature Scent.

    Very well put N Tesla. I am sure your signature scent is Mitsouko and you must wear it very well. Mitsouko and I also have a long history together . You make me want to try to wear it again .
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