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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Quote Originally Posted by Celsius32 View Post
    Dior's Fahrenheit - and it happened only like 6 weeks ago (I now have 9 bottles).

    Fahrenheit was one of my first proper scents which got me truly hooked years ago -- it remains a favourite to this day.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    There never was a single scent that did it, it was more the amazing variety of different beautiful scents in existence. But my collecting got started when I decided to try out the classic Guerlains and from them I went on to explore houses like CdG, SL, FM, Etro, L'Artisan etc etc etc.
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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    I have always had an opinion on the fragrances I wore. The first fragrances that I bought in my late teens/early 20's were Jil Sander Man Pure (now discontinued) and Jil Sander Feeling Man. I think the uniqueness of these fragrances when compared to the fragrances that were fashionable back in those days was what got me hooked on searcing before choosing a frgrance. The fragrance that got me hooked on BN was DK Fuel for Men. around my birthday in 2006 I was searching the internet to see if i could find it online and I came accross this community of weird people that were so pationate about fragrances. The rest is history.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    I've been into frags ever since I had a paperroute and could afford my first fragrance, CK One. But the turning point was when I bought my first bottle of Creed (Royal Delight), decided to look it up on the web and ended up here. Did some serious lurking before creating an account in 2007. So you could say it was the Royal Delight that got me hooked
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    Chant d'Aromes extrait
    Vetiver pour Elle (5ml decant)

    Versace The Dreamer 50ml (1.7oz) BNIB

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    CK Obsession (female)

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    CK Obsession Night

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Joop Nightfilight .... When I was 15 !

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    A carolina herrera aqua sample when i was 17

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    [QUOTE=Galamb_Borong;1638280]My first sample pack I ordered from TPC. I was curious about fragrance when I came here, but as soon as I smelled some of these, I was hooked.

    I was always into scent but what got me hooked was The Perfumed Court samples I ordered and I haven't looked back since !
    I ordered a bunch of Ava Luxe, Frederic Malle Musc Ravaguer .
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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Wore Lacoste Essential for a year at the behest of my girlfriend, ended up talking to a friend about cologne, finding this site and buying TdH.

    That was about a year ago, and now it's much, much worse

    My bank account regrets it but my nose does not!

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Quote Originally Posted by matthewfoo View Post
    To be completely honest, I don't know which particular scent got me started on this "hobby". In fact, I think Basenotes got me hooked. Pre-BN I only ever owned or used 4-5 scents at a single point. It was after reading and hearing so much about other scents, that got me all curious, and ultimately hooked.
    I blame this site too for getting me hooked. Before this I would always buy/swap/sell guitars, amps and pedals on a similar site. Then i bought my first house and didn't have enough money for that stuff, so fragrance became a relatively cheap replacement.
    Want to buy/trade: looking for some escentric molecules kinski, I have a bunch of decants/samples including escentric 02 and escentric 01

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    I bought Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin at a yard sale for $2 and found it's anise scent so different from other fragrances I had encountered (I had worn Adidas occasionally) that I googled it and found basenotes. Then I discovered Chanel, Hermes, Dior, YSL, Caron, Guerlain, etc. Now I'm sampling Lutens and Villoresi and L'Artisan and I've become obsessed with gender-bending feminine perfumes. It really is an addiction.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Hermes' Rocabar. It was about 6 or so years ago.
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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    When I was about 12 I think, I smelled all the colognes in an ULTA when my mom was shopping for hair care.

    Polo Sport, Cool Water, Bowling Green, and Paco XS
    ...those 4 scents hooked me on wearing cologne. Of course i had to settle for the Walgreens bootleg Polo Sport and Cool Water for years, until i started making my own $.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyDG View Post
    Polo was one I always admired on some of the "authority figures" growing up - teachers, relatives, etc.

    So I have to ask, thgolfer, how did your nose get broken? It wasn't a rogue golf ball was it?
    Too funny Anthony. No, it was actually sparring in a Martial Arts tournament. Needless to say, I lost that match.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Ouch! Well I'm glad you're on the mend and enjoying a less dangerous hobby at this point

    Quote Originally Posted by thgolfer View Post
    Too funny Anthony. No, it was actually sparring in a Martial Arts tournament. Needless to say, I lost that match.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    I love the scent of my DKNY Be Delicious for Men, my first bottle after careful sampling and a lot of research - but what really got me hooked was a decant order I did.

    10mls of Escada Sunset Heat for Men, Rochas Man, and Paco Rabanne XS
    2.5mls of Arpege pour Homme, A*Men, YSL Live Jazz, Creed Millesime Imperial, A*Men Summer Flash, Burberry London and Versace Blue Jeans.

    After getting these, wearing and loving them all, I knew I had something that I really really enjoyed. I've got full bottles of over half of that original order.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    For me it was Grey Flannel my first job was in a small shoping mall and a fellow who had coffee every morning in the deli wore it and I finally asked what he was wearing, bought a bottle never turned back.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    For Me, although I loved And respected quite a few scents before Azzaro Pour Homme, it was'nt until I used it the first time that I got Hooked

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    I think i was old before my time but when i was a teen back in the late 80's Dunhill Edition and Armani Eau Pour Homme set me on the road to damnation

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    i think it all began at very young age for me. it was pino silvestre: my pa's signature cologne. later he began using drakkar noir and lomani. at age 9 i think. but my very first impression of a man cologne was pino. and i am so glad for that. it sort of defines the concept of cologne perfectly.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    The very first fragrance I fell in love with back in the late 70's was British Sterling. I couldn't smell it enough every time I was in a store that had it. This evolved into a myriad of other fragrances over the years and I fell off the wagon for quite a few years save for Guerlain Vetiver and Patchouli oil in the early 90s

    What truly brought me to my present state of Basenotes fueled obsession, was more the mythos of a fragrance, because I hadn't even smelled it before and still don't own it, but have since sampled and enjoyed it. Guerlain Jicky, thus my BN name Jickyman. My fragrant and talmudic adventure continues...
    Your nostrils, which will dilate immesurably in unspeakable contentment, in motionless ecstasy, will ask nothing better for space, for they will be full of fragrance, as if perfumes and incense; for they will be glutted with complete happiness, like angels who dwell in the peace and magnificence of pleasent heaven.
    (From Maldoror by Comte de Lautreamont)

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Samsara, or to be more precise the reformulation of it ! I'd owned several bottles & noticed that the last one just didn't seem as good. I thought initially it was just me/my chemistry or whatever, but then it occurred to me that it may have been re-formulated.

    I started digging around on the internet to try & find out:A. what had happened to my old faithful, & try & find a suitable replacement for it. I ended up reading about so many fantastic sounding scents which I'd never heard of, I just had to investigate further....

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Chanel Egoiste in 1996.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    My OCD which blossomed due to a panic attack when I was 14 caused me to begin compulsively smelling soaps. I began to take a keen interest in soaps, skincare, haircare, grooming - any personal care products that were scented.

    Of course, what naturally followed....

    Aramis New West (preferably old bottle)
    Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland
    Azzaro Aqua
    Gloria by Cacharel

    PM me if you have bottles that you're willing to sell or trade!

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Old Spice and a wonderful smelling rich neighbor lady in the 1970's were what hooked me. Dad's industry meant there was a lot of sweat, diesel exhaust, dirt, occasionally cow manure so he'd come home, clean up, and occasionally put on his Old Spice which he'd share with me. Our neighbor lady who had no lack for wealth (multiple oil wells, no kids, widow) would step outside and even though we were 2 houses away, we'd smell her. Everyone would complain but I though she smelled divine. Thusly, I've always associated scent with family, friends, socializing, rest at the end of a productive day rather than the erotica the marketers strive so hard to promote and, in my opinion, cause fragrance companies to miss out on most of their potential market. I've always had a cologne or two since my freshman year of university save for a few very sparse graduate school years where even purchasing Ramen noodles was dear. The only thing that has changed is the size of my collection and the cost of the bottles. I'm very happy with my collection now.

    I own 3 bottle of Old Spice at the moment too, one is from the mid 1980's, one from the 1990's, and one from this year for my son.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Back in 1999, my mom bought some Drakkar Noir and Grey Flannel for my step-father. He never wore cologne, so I began wearing it for him. I sprayed Grey Flannel and hated it. I don't if it was because Grey Flannel smelled so bad to me or because I truly loved the smell, but I fell in love with Drakkar Noir. Ever since then, I have searched for more fragrances that I could enjoy.
    Current Spring/Summer Rotation:

    Bleu de Chanel
    Leau D'Issey
    Live Jazz
    Fou D'Absinthe
    Terre d'Hermes
    Guerlain Homme Intense
    Habit Rouge
    Boucheron Pour Homme
    Pour Monsieur

    Grey Vetiver
    Azure Lime


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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    When I was a kid I had Jovan Grass Oil and Oleg Cassini for Men, but then I didn't use fragrance for the early part of my adult life, then I got a Caswell-Massey men's sampler box and that started me off. Then, I got some Lorenzo Villoresi samples and that REALLY started me on the road to ruin! :-)

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    The main one was probably Aramis. When I was a kid in the 80s, my mom and I were flying to California to see my sister. There was a cologne sprayer in the men's room, from which you could get a shot of either Polo or Aramis. I'd smelled Polo before, and liked it (actually had a bottle of a knockoff called "Lancer"). I'd never tried Aramis before, and the stuff blew me away. I couldn't have been more than 11 years old, and I rocked Aramis halfway across the country. It's been one of, if not my all time favorite since.

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