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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    For me it was Le Male....I had worn a few other scents sporadically (Eternity in high school, Black Code/FCUK Him based on what current gf's liked and bought me) but Le Male actually reenergized my enthusiasm and desire to learn more and try others. I have since moved on to other fragrances I like far more, and while I can't say I could ever see myself buying Le Male again, I have to credit it as the scent that got me started in earnest

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Lots of great things happened in 1988 , Christian Dior Fahrenheit was one of them that set me off on the smelly road

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Givenchy Pi

    Going from teenage usual scents like Fierce to it was so dramatically different that it opened my eyes.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    normally enthuists start off with those power houses that todays youth and some adults would describe as smelling like my dad or grandfather i`m still kind of young i`m in highschool and what had gotten me interested in fragrances was lacoste essential back when my freshman year started now i have about 11 bottles

    i said mom i can`t keep wearing that cheap stuff you buy from avon so she bought me lacoste essential

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Quote Originally Posted by Grottola View Post
    My OCD which blossomed due to a panic attack when I was 14 caused me to begin compulsively smelling soaps. I began to take a keen interest in soaps, skincare, haircare, grooming - any personal care products that were scented.

    Of course, what naturally followed....
    I know its off the topic, but I too had OCD!!!! But with numbers.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Once I got into Creed I opened Pandora's box. I was at Saks and after smelling virgin island water and royal english leather I was hooked, and once I smelled bois du portugal I was a Creed whore for life.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?


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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    I always had a couple of scents in my wardrobe until I tried Green Irish Tweed. That opened my eyes to a whole new world of scents and my wardrobe expanded a bit from there. Then I found this place and....oy.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Avon's Wild Country. It was the mid-'70s, and I was 7 or 8. My mom started selling Avon, and I would smell Wild Country (then the best of the Avon bunch) and the others she had as samples. She got me a bottle, and I went from there. Really, I was a serial purchaser (buy a bottle, wear it until it ran out, then buy something else) until about 2007 or so. I came here looking for a signature scent to settle on, and wound up doing the just the opposite.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    I think I've always been 'hooked' off & on. This time around it was vintage Heritage that brought me back in.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Balafre hooked me from the get go.

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    Smile Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    The scents that got me started was Calvin Klein's Obsession for men and the original Farenheit by Dior. The fragrance that totally got me hooked on fragrance though was Mitsouko by Guerlain.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    When i could acquire my own choices the first were Paco Rabanne pour Homme and Brut. Before then it was exclusively Dad's Old Spice Aftershave which was a daily olfactory feature right from my childhood.

    All remain favourites today.
    ointments and perfume delight the heart....

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    I don't remember

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    It was a 1.5 ml sample of Aramis Havana sent along with a small decant order (Tea for Two I think) I placed with then Basenoter Joel_Cairo in 2006 that sealed my fate.

    I was smitten..

    I remain smitten..
    These things cannot be long hidden: the Sun, the Moon, the Truth--Buddha

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    My mom was a perfume collector and bought me aqua di gio in 1996. That's what started it all.
    Current top 5 favorites as of 12/28/10.
    Creed Aventus, Creed Green Irish Tweed, Amouage Reflection, Terre D'Hermes, and Tom Ford Grey Vetiver.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Vetiver by Guerlain, the original.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    I had a few scents, a couple I bought and a couple I got as gifts, but I wasn't all that interested in fragrance. Had no idea that any niche brands even existed.

    Then one April day, I got dragged into Number 20a, Brook Street in London, the very smallest boutique of some company called Penhaligons, by my then girlfriend, now wife. She was desperate to find out if I would fall for Blenheim Bouquet the way she had.

    So I blame my current hobby/obsession on my wife

    (I still haven't got anything from Penhaligons other than samples though)

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    Égoïste de Chanel.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    BC (Before Creed) -- Egoiste Platinum (Chanel). In the late 90's, when the web was young, I researched fragrances, pouring over the website "Answers From the Cologne Guy" for many hours. Unfortunately, I think Chanel reformulated it, so it is a different beast now.

    AC (After Creed) -- Original Vetiver. Now into the 2000's, I decided to do a little more research. Probably through Basenotes, I had heard all the hype over Creed, so I purchased Love in White for a woman I really liked. The Sales Associate gave me samples -- one of which was Original Vetiver; it was like going from a black-&-white TV into HD technicolor. It brought a flood of memories back from my past. I DIDN'T like it, yet, like an addict, kept doing the "wrist to nose" maneuver. It also had a nearly aphrodisiac reaction with that woman I really liked.

    I was hooked.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Without a doubt, Penhaligons Blenhiem Bouquet.

    I had no idea all perfume didn't smell like old ladys.

    Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring.
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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    pour monsieur concentrée de Chanel

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    I think it was Bvlgari Pour Homme and me searching for a place to try this "mystical" Creed (what else?).
    <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

    Obsessions of the Moment- Kristiansand EDC, Green Irish Tweed, Zizan

    Granted, we've known each other for some time. It don't take a whole day to recognize sunshine. ~ Common Sense

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Yet another one with Égoïste, back in 1991, I think.
    I don't know much about medicine, but I know what I like. -- S.J. Perelman

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Pretty sure mine was Marc Jacobs for Men. I owned other bottles, but Marc Jacobs for Men was so unlike anything I'd smelled before, I had to get online to see what other people were saying about it. I found this site and my world was expanded tenfold, to say the least.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    The divine Or Masculin (1985) by Bourjois.

    Like many other gems discontinued...

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Before being into fragrances, I was into aftershaves (shave geek here), and so Trumper's Wild Fern is the door to the current pandemonium. I bought it because 1) it smelled good and 2) there is no aftershave concentration available anymore, so I thought I could try it for the smell alone.

    But the one that really got me swooning and crazy is the second one, Mouchoir de Monsieur. After that one, there was no turning back.

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    Default Re: What scent got you "hooked"?

    Pour monsieur edt. , absolutely amazing smell

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